Saturday, July 23, 2016

Slipping: 'Ice Age' To Post Series-Low Opening, 'Pets' and 'Dory' Dip Lightly

It looks like the mammoth franchise may not longer be a mammoth...

Friday estimates are in, and Ice Age: Collision Course took in a rather meager $7 million. That's not even half of what the previous installment - Continental Drift - took in, four years ago on its opening day. Estimates have this film opening with less than $22 million...

I don't blame audiences. Regardless of how good or bad this new entry is, I doubt tons of casual viewers wanted to check it out for a few reasons. A) Ice Age, some fourteen years after the first - and best - film in the series came out, is overdone. You can only keep them coming back for so long, especially when the sequels were mostly of meh quality. B) That ad campaign was horrendous. The trailer left me wondering what the heck I just watched, and "Kiss Your Ice Goodbye"? What is this? 2006?

Will the press say it was cannibalized by competition? If they do, no... Audience disinterest, as is the case with films like these.

(On a sidenote, I had/have to see those posters at work almost every day.)

It opened so low that even The Secret Life of Pets, in its third weekend, is going to outdo it. Fox and Blue Sky probably aren't fretting though, because overseas it has already pocketed over $130 million and is sure to cruise past $400 million when all is said and done. The foreign markets are why this series will keep going.

The Secret Life of Pets, according to the big sites, is projected to collect around $28 million for the weekend, landing the picture at $260 million domestically. It'll still be a few clicks ahead of where Inside Out was that weekend, but it seems like the bigger opening picture won't necessarily have the mind movie's legs. Still, it's taking in more than $300 million domestically, Illumination's probably overjoyed right now. This is their first non-sequel film to hit that benchmark.

Finding Dory is expected to ease, and might possibly hit the $460 million mark by the end of the weekend. At this point, it seems like $480 million is the sky for the Pixar sequel, as it's already the domestic box office champion of animated films. If it performs like Toy Story 3 from here on out, $500 million is still a possibility, but I'm not sure that will happen.


Everything made around the expected amount.

Worldwide... Finding Dory expanded to a few markets, opening strong in some, particularly Japan. It now sits at $782 million, inching closer and closer towards the big billion. Pets still has a long way to go, as it's only at $323 million worldwide. It's already made it all back, as has Ice Age: Collision Course. That low opening doesn't matter, the film's already at $200 million worldwide. When part six shows up, you'll know why...


  1. I really enjoyed Ice Age 2 and 3 but 4 sucked.

  2. Speaking of the Ice Age 5 ad campaign, did you ever see that video of Scrat doing the Running Man Challenge?

  3. 21st Century Fox has not had a good year this year. First, the new X-Men film doesn't get good reviews, then Roger Ailes resigns from Fox News, and now Ice Age 5 bombs.

  4. At this point, Blue Sky should just keep Ice Age as a direct-to-video franchise at a much lower budget. Maybe put them in theaters in some countries, which is what I think Disney did for some or the TinkerBell movies and Sony did for the Open Season sequels. But even if Ice Age 5 makes a profit due to foreign markets, a 6th installment with a large budget would just seem like a complete joke.

    I actually really like the first movie, and while there was a big drop in quality after that, the second and third ones still had their moments. The 4th movie is where it really lost me, and nothing about the latest movie gives me any confidence.

  5. I already saw Ice Age 5. I honestly liked it, and thought it was a lot better, than 4. However, the franchise definitely ran out of steam. No matter how it performs, it would be best to stop it here. I don't even know how would they able to continue the story, Blue Sky played all their cards!

  6. Have you ever noticed Blue Sky has this sort of pattern going on in terms of what movies they make?

    Ice Age - 2002
    Robots - 2005
    Ice Age: The Meltdown - 2006
    Horton Hears a Who! - 2008
    Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs - 2009
    Rio - 2011
    Ice Age: Continental Drift - 2012
    Rio 2 - 2014
    The Peanuts Movie - 2015
    Ice Age: Collision Course - 2016

    It's like they make a new Ice Age movie every 3-4 years to make Fox money and possibly fund for their own non-sequel.

    This leads me to another question regarding the franchise: Where did all the humans go!? The first film indicates that humans do exist in this franchise, it's like the humans don't exist in the sequels. I mean there should at least be a running gag about one those animals being chased by a human.

    1. To be fair, Epic (2013) came out between Ice Age 4 and 5 as well. In a way, yes, Ice Age keeps Fox happy, funds originals, but also pleases overseas audiences - they make this series as big as it is. Makes me surprised Rio 3 hasn't been greenlit.

      As for the second question, I have no idea why humans were written out altogether.

  7. Prediction: Anubis gets pushed back to 2019 and in it's spot is Rio 3.

  8. Personally thank god that Ice Age 5 bombed here in the states because that was so awful.