Thursday, July 21, 2016

The Trolls Sing: New 'Trolls' Clip

More and more details on DreamWorks' hairy film keep coming...

Just in time for Comic-Con, DreamWorks has released another clip from its upcoming Trolls...

This one showcases one of the film's musical numbers, a cover of Simon & Garfunkel's iconic 'The Sound of Silence', used as a joke. The clip displays yet more examples of how wacky and colorful this film is going to look, but I'm not quite fond of the overly-modern cover of the classic song. Most of the soundtrack seems like it'll sound this way too, and I'm not really a fan of that.

On the other hand... Those visuals! The movie looks trippy and all kinds of weird, so I'm on the fence. I like what I'm seeing, not so much hearing. At least they came up with something a little cool and unique, because really, with the Good Luck Trolls toyline, there's no story or rules you have to adhere to. Granted, the feature is not all-out surreal like Raggedy Ann and Andy: A Musical Adventure (but how many animated features are just that?), but at least it doesn't look bland and uninspired.

I'd actually argue that visually, this looks like one of DreamWorks' most unique projects in a long while. That's no slant on their previous string of non-sequel films, but this one has a very neat look to it, has interesting color choices... I can't quite say that this film is like their cartoonier offerings, as something like The Croods was still hyper-realistic in its visuals, Madagascar was also realistic though sported very cartoony art direction and design. Trolls on the other hand has a much more simplified, almost gummy, painterly look. I can't help but think it sticks out.

DreamWorks doesn't really have much of a house style, so the look of Trolls comes as no surprise. I can only imagine what The Boss Baby will look like, as we already know that Captain Underpants will look like the original book illustrations in Peanuts Movie form.

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  1. Speaking of The Boss Baby, did you know that the poster just came out?