Monday, August 1, 2016

Dropping In: New 'Storks' Trailer Brings Laughs

Next month, we get Storks, so a new trailer has surfaced...

I felt that the previous, and first, full trailer for Warner Animation Group's first all-original film was all over the place and pretty badly edited. I was already interested in the film for many different reasons, and the teaser was great. The full trailer didn't lessen my excitement for it, but let's just this one only increased it. This new trailer blows the previous one right out of the water...

For starters it's a far better introduction to the main characters, and hints that Tulip's story of her finding her parents could be pretty heartfelt. The Lego Movie was able to hit you really hard even though it had all this zaniness and humor. Anyways, the story sounds pretty cool and could surprise. I'm actually thinking this could be something of a dark horse-errr, stork.

You know, it's rare when an American trailer for an animated movie makes me laugh more than a few times. This one did it, particularly the bits with Hunter trying to get through sheets of glass while being chased, and him not knowing how to pilot a flying machine... Also, you have to admit, the wolf submarine bit was hilarious!

Yes, it looks really really funny and also very well thought-out. It takes a familiar premise (the stork delivers the baby) and has lots and lots of fun with it. The cast is good, the writing-directing team is strong (Doug Sweetland's Presto is a great CG cartoon that captures the energy of the Golden Age), and the cartoony style is just right. I'm more than excited now.

What did you think of the new trailer?

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  1. I think it's odd that this trailer is coming so late. The movie comes out in September, after all. Do you think they can mount a good marketing campaign in less than two months?