Sunday, August 28, 2016

Weekend Box Office: 'Kubo' Glides, 'Sausage' Fades

A dry weekend at the box office, though the animation updates - as usual - are interesting...

We can rest easy, for it looks like Kubo and the Two Strings might repeat ParaNorman's leggy run four summers ago. That film dipped 38% on its second weekend, this dipped 37%. Word of mouth is probably super-strong, coupled with the reviews. Will it end up above the big 4-Oh? I think so. When ParaNorman ended its run, it made 4x its opening. If Kubo fares similarly, it'll end up with roughly $48 million. It also went from #4 to #3 on the chart, also indicating how weak this weekend was overall for movies.

Sausage Party wanes more and more, dropping 50% this weekend. But no matter, the $19 million-costing film now sits at $80 million domestically, $88 million worldwide. It's doing better than I imagined. Can you say sequel? (Let's just hope it's not farmed out to Nitrogen this time.)

The Secret Life of Pets bubbles under the Top 10, falling 36% and making it to $353 million domestically, $724 million worldwide. Opening in markets like Brazil days ago, the film still has yet to open in Italy, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, and Poland. Will this one reach $800 million?

Finding Dory is currently enjoying its late run, and I reckon the usual Pixar Labor Day expansion/re-release will occur, boosting the numbers a bit. Sitting at $479 million now, it's probably ending up somewhere $490 million domestically. So close! It now has $929 million worldwide, so that quest for the billion is coming to a close. Kind of surreal to think that, what with a bigger international market and 3D/IMAX 3D, that Finding Dory's overseas total will most likely be below that of the original's.

Ice Age: Collision Course, all but gone gone gone, is at $61 million domestically and $368 million worldwide. 3.5x the budget. Maybe we shouldn't say goodbye to that sixth installment just yet.

Now we wait for Storks, because The Wild Life is something - let's all be honest - we could kind of care less about. I bet that'll do the usual sub-$10 million domestic gross. Storks could perform like Sony Animation's September hits Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and Hotel Transylvania, or it could have a modest run. We shall see...

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