Monday, August 8, 2016

Weekend Report: 'Ice Age' Slip-Slides Away, 'Pets' Continues to Hold On

Another weekend, another set of ups and downs...

Not even the usual family film legs came to Ice Age: Collision Course's rescue. This weekend, the picture was on thin ice. Dropping a large 66% and collecting a paltry $4 million, the film now sits at $53 million stateside. This one really might miss $70 million domestically, though worldwide it's already at $288 million. Now this isn't impressive, considering that the previous two entries easily made over $850 million worldwide, but it's more than 2 1/2x the $105 million budget.

Does Blue Sky continue the series? Do they call it quits here? Or will they reinvent it in some crazy way? How about in the way I suggested... Just send Scrat to space, have him chase the acorn throughout the whole movie, his chase of the acorn inadvertently causes the events of an epic space opera. It'd be like the "War Machine" sequence from The Thief and the Cobbler mixed with Star Wars. I can dream, can I?

Anyways, Ice Age: Collision Course clearly wasn't cutting it for many audiences. Funny story time: On opening weekend, I was cashier. A family was holding a birthday party at my theater, and the mother in charge of it all had to ask me about something, and it was a bit time-consuming for the two of us because her question was more for a manager than little old me. Not wanting to hold her up, as the movie was halfway done and no managers showed up/responded for a little while, I told her "I don't want you to miss all of the movie, I'll talk to the manager about it." She said back, "Oh it's okay, it's fine, the movie's horrible!"


The Secret Life of Pets lingers in the Top 5, staying in fourth place. It dropped only 39%, it's sitting at $319 million domestically and has expanded abroad, now boasting a strong $502 million worldwide gross. The other new family pet movie, the where-the-heck-did-this-come-from Nine Lives, tanked with $6 million. Perhaps the filmmakers should've kept it the way Kevin Spacey and crew intended it: A comedy for adults. Yes, believe it or not, this kitty picture started out as an adult-oriented comedy.

Finding Dory bubbled right under the Top 10 with $1.9 million, falling 54% from last weekend. At this point it doesn't seem like it'll follow Toy Story 3's path anymore, as this drop was a little hard. Toy Story 3 dropped 39% on its eighth weekend, so it looks like Dory will make around $485 million. Still incredible, though I wish it could've swam to $500 million domestically. Almost, almost...

Actually, on the subject of Dory, how long will it be the domestic animated champion? Former champion Shrek 2 held the record for 12 years, so will Dory hold it for another 12? Or will something hit in the next few years that'll take the American public by storm? Could it be something like... The Incredibles 2? Or an unlikely original/non-sequel?

As for the worldwide grosses, it seems like it's going a little slow, or all the updates aren't in yet. The film is now sitting at $872 million, a little more than the unadjusted gross of the first film. Come on, where's the billion? The markets it has not opened in yet are the Scandinavian regions, Greece, Italy, and Germany, among a few other European territories. It's just getting started in the UK, and it's slowly building legs in Japan. I guess it won't outgross Frozen after all, or Minions. I thought for sure that Finding Dory would easily become the world's highest grossing animated film, but... It's still quite a run!

Everything released prior to Finding Dory is pretty much done. Zootopia ended its extended run four days ago, Kung Fu Panda 3 recently wrapped up too, Angry Birds Movie still has some juice in its tank.

Next up, sausages and samurais...

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