Thursday, September 15, 2016

Closer to Land: Action-Packed Full Trailer for 'Moana' Debuts

Well, no more fretting, for the full trailer for Walt Disney Animation Studios' 56th is finally here!

Moana's trailer is all about action, thrills, the scale of the picture... It looks so massive, even if it's not set in a fully thought out city or a series of video game worlds.


This one's really going to amaze. If there's one thing animation can really excel at - when done right - it's pulse-pounding action. Few shots in this particular trailer gave me the chills! That's rare. The whole trailer is just a showcase of the spectacle, and it's less about Lin-Manuel Miranda's music or even the comic relief - even though there's a good-sized dose of it here. In terms of editing it is above most recent American trailers for animated movies, not anything amaze but it does do its job. I particularly like how much they showed of Moana and Maui's interactions, and give a tiny glimpse of how the water works. (If you have not seen the older Japanese teaser, that is.)

The visuals... Color-wise, it's top notch in the world of Disney Animation's CG. The water alone is stunning, and the staging looks out of this world. I got some real Pirates of the Caribbean vibes in some shots, another shot actually reminded me of The Incredibles. Maui taking on what appears to be the Lava Witch? Dear lord, if that's not a Ron and John-ism I don't know what is! Giant Ursula, snake Jafar, the Hydra...

Yes, it looks epic.

What say you?

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  1. Moana's trailer is all about action, thrills, the scale of the picture

    As I've said before, that's very different from Frozen and Tangled, where romance and comedy were the main themes of the promotions. I suspect this is going to be a different kind of movie.