Sunday, September 18, 2016

Easing, and Expanding: Weekend Box Office Report

Unlike last weekend, our currently playing animated films didn't really drop...

The Wild Life only dipped 20%, the film now sits at $6 million. A much better fall than the Lionsgate-distributed Norm of the North from earlier this year, though it's probably not going to get anywhere near that film's final title. From what I saw of it at work, it seemed like it was clicks better than Norm and didn't seem as noisy and forced, but the dub voice acting? My ears...

Anyways, perhaps it could've been something bigger - for an animated feature made in continental Europe - if it had been distributed by someone else (Lionsgate is routinely bad at this, watch Rock Dog come and go in February) or given a better dub script. If the EU wants to really break into mainstream animation and compete with the heavies like Anna, Elsa, Woody, Buzz, Gru, the Minions, et al... It's going to take more than just something like Robinson Crusoe/Wild Life and someone like Lionsgate. Another story for another day...

Kubo and the Two Strings, which is on the brink of leaving my theater, lightly dipped 24%. That same weekend, ParaNorman dipped 26%, Boxtrolls saw its massive loss of screens, consequently falling 65%. Kubo and the Two Strings may not make much more than $50 million in the end, but the legs here - the same goes for Coraline and ParaNorman - speak volumes. Word of mouth was super-strong here! It's only at $10 million overseas, a bummer... But it won't matter, LAIKA has many things to fall back on.

Sausage Party is still in the 7-digits territory, falling 47% and getting up to $95 million. $119 million worldwide. C'mon now, start greenlighting similarly low-budget R-rated animated films already!

Worldwide, Ice Age: Collision Course passed $400 million, but that's second-the-last on the chart. Only the first Ice Age, back in 2002 without 3D, IMAX 3D, and the bigger market, grossed less. Again, I wonder if Blue Sky (and/or Fox) packs it in with this one, or uses that gross to justify one more. What's going on with Rio? Surprised a three hasn't been slated.

Finding Dory opened in Italy, with a fine $5 million. With that, it should make at least $15 million over there. Germany's the last big market, they get the fish on the 29th... C'mon fellas in those countries, get it to a billion! It now sits at $961 million worldwide...

Next weekend should spruce things up a bit... I wonder if a certain website is saying "There's an animation glut right now!"


  1. I think this will be it for Ice Age, at least on a theatrical level. I wouldn't rule out direct-to-video sequels or TV spinoffs, but I think the huge drop-off will be too big for Fox to ignore, even if the movie is ultimately profitable.

    1. You know, I never thought of that - I can totally see this series continuing as a DTV thing. Probably the best route to go at this point. Or do it like the Open Season DTV sequel/the Tinks, they go straight to video here, but get released theatrically in territories where they'll get attendance.

    2. Or they can always go the Dreamworks route and do a TV/Netflix series.