Thursday, September 15, 2016

Growing Pains: DreamWorks To Lay Off 200+ Members

A norm in the land of animation and most of Hollywood in general, a wave of layoffs is hitting DreamWorks...

DreamWorks Animation is set to lose over 200 employees following Comcast's acquisition of them. This will mostly effect, per Universal Chairman Jeff Shell, corporate overhead, and folk within the distribution, marketing, and consumer products divisions. So the creative teams and animators are safe... For now, nothing is definite. Who knows what will happen next, but this was inevitable.

Universal still hasn't announced what DreamWorks pictures they have on hand, there's still lots to figure out first, the "settling in" part is still going. Deadline reports that sources are saying that Universal brass doesn't see Fox releasing any DreamWorks features after the mid-2017 release Captain Underpants, the narrative we've been hearing for quite some time. The Croods 2, a little while back, officially got picked up by the globe and currently is set for release some time in 2018. (The previous date was during winter 2017.)

The plot thickens...

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