Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Hair-Raising: Uneven 2nd 'Trolls' Trailer Surfaces

With the film less than two months away, a new trailer for Trolls is out...

This trailer was... A big case of what the heck, to me.

If the footage of the voice actors in the previous full trailer tipped you off, this will send you over the edge. Trolls' newest trailer is mostly based around Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick themselves, talking about aspects of the movie. See, I don't care for this kind of thing...

Specifically voice actors being all goofy, halfheartedly talking about their involvement in an animated family movie. Now look, behind-the-scenes stuff is welcome. I loved how LAIKA utilized it in one of the teasers for The Boxtrolls, and I love how WALL-E's teaser begins with Andrew Stanton talking about that legendary lunch session that spawned several Pixar greats...

But this? It felt awkward, honestly. The footage on the other hand... I like that. Quite a lot, actually. I was a little mixed on the previous trailer, but this one I think gives you a better idea of this movie's scope. Trolls, in terms of visuals, looks like one of DreamWorks' oddest to date. It's like ridiculously colorful, psychedelic, with very interesting textures and designs, almost has kind of a 2D look to it. Not Peanuts level, but something in that ball field. The Troll doll line has no master storyline or anything, so the project allowed the team to do whatever with the premise. I also like that the trailer actually attempts to show some of the more emotional stuff, but...

The presentation is all over the place. Fox has mostly done a slipshod job when it comes to marketing DreamWorks' features, and if Trolls ends up scoring well on its opening weekend, I'll be surprised. I have a hard time picturing audiences wanting to see this, especially when the newest Marvel Cinematic Universe installment will be playing in the theater next door. There's something so self-conscious and so off about this thing. Also, every trailer for the film keeps saying "From the creators of Shrek"... Are they trying to cash in on Shrek nostalgia? (The movie is 15 years old now) I can't imagine any other reason, though a "from the creators of" tag usually means little anyway... I still find it weird, though.

So, I like the footage a good deal and the story seems alright, but damn... Why is it so hard - in America - to make an animated movie look like something you want to see? Who is making these trailers? Timberlake and Kendrick seem uninterested when talking about it. It's not bad, per se, but it's just awkward. Not in a good way, either. It's as if they have no confidence in it. Again, color me shocked if this thing does well on opening weekend. If it flops, it probably doesn't matter, for Universal isn't releasing this one. DreamWorks owns the brand, if they can't get a movie franchise out of it, then they can continue it with a TV show. (See Turbo and Mr. Peabody & Sherman.) Thank goodness Comcast/Universal has the studio now.

What do you think of this film's newest trailer?


  1. Pretty good trailer, but why does it STILL have a problematic release date? At this rate, they probably won't pull a Puss in Boots and move it back a week. What do you think, Kyle?

    1. Seems like they're sticking with it.

  2. I dont get why they needed to spoil the ending of the movie, it's like if they revelated the scene with the live action stuff in the Lego movie