Monday, September 5, 2016

Labor Day Love: 'Kubo' Hangs On, Other Box Office Tidbits

It looks like Labor Day weekend, as usual, was pretty fruitful for the animated output...

Falling a great 17% on the three-day and rising 8% with $8 million on the four-day, Kubo and the Two Strings sits at $36 million domestically.

At this point in its run, 4 years ago, ParaNorman had $40 million. If Kubo continues to follow ParaNorman's path, it'll end up with over $50 million, pretty darn leggy for a movie that opened with such a low amount! At work, Kubo continuously sells out, so I'm seeing it firsthand. Today, each screening was filled to the brim with folk.

In other markets, it has only made $5 million so far. Many countries don't have it yet. Next weekend it opens in the UK, and a few assorted countries. Parts of Europe get it throughout the month, some places aren't getting it til December! Not saying Kubo will most likely set the overseas box office on fire, but it should get enough to get it over $100 million worldwide. Pretty much the usual for LAIKA's films.

Sausage Party was no slouch. It dropped 29% over the 3-day, 13% for the 4-day, and is now sitting at $89 million domestically. Worldwide, with just $14 million in the overseas tank, it's at $103 million. Several countries don't have this one yet, either, but it doesn't matter because the film has already made 5x its micro budget.

The dogs and cats continue to rule, The Secret Life of Pets eased 8% (!) for the 3-day, rose 18% for the 4-day, it has collected $359 million domestically and $762 million worldwide. Certainly no slouch! Finding Dory saw a Labor Day boost, the usual for summer Pixar releases. It rose 205% for the 3-day, 311% for the 4-day, the fish have swam up to $482 million stateside. Worldwide we're at $944 million, making the race to a billion take a little slower than I had expected.

Ice Age: Collision Course also saw a Labor Day boost, but it wasn't as big as Dory's. 42% rise 3-day, 86% rise 4-day, the film is now at $62 million domestic, $389 million worldwide.

Next weekend brings us The Wild Life, sure to open with less than $10 million. Looks like we'll get cooking again with Storks at the end of the month, but that one is also looking a little iffy. I thought it would be a surefire $100m+ domestic hit for Warner Animation Group, but maybe it might make less than that in the long run. We shall see...


  1. Well, estimates Storks will pull in about $71 million domestically. Assuming its budget is similar to that of The LEGO Movie, that should be sufficient to turn a profit if overseas showings are factored in.

  2. in Sweden many Disney animated movie initially hade very good dubbs.But when the 90s came someone decide to redub the movies. This results in many of the Disney classic having worse dubs with a lower budget and worse voice acting. This is a really sad thing because Disney classics are worth better.