Monday, September 12, 2016

Not So Wild Weekend: 'Wild Life' Tanks Stateside, Others Dip A Bit

Kind of a dry weekend, for the newest release didn't leap, and the holdovers slipped a little further...

So, the Belgian picture The Wild Life - a retitled and dubbed Robinson Crusoe - did nothing here. $3 million opening, so far it has $24 million worldwide, almost double its tiny $13 million budget. Recently, the EU expressed interest in finally trying their hardest to make an animated feature or two (or more) that could make massive numbers and appeal to worldwide audiences, but this was no start. Lionsgate, typical of them, barely marketed it. Reviews were mostly toxic, though some are saying it's more interesting than it is bad, but then some are saying it's just the boring kind of bad.

Kubo and the Two Strings slipped quite a bit this weekend. A 48% drop, nowhere near ParaNorman's 4th weekend drop (36%) but also not as steep as Boxtrolls' 4th weekend tumble (59%), it's still got some staying power. It now sits at $40 million domestically, so let's hope it doesn't drop like The Boxtrolls next weekend, because on its 5th, that one really really slipped. Then again, Boxtrolls was a late September release back in 2014. ParaNorman on the other hand, like Kubo it was also a mid-August release, eased. It looks it will top $50 million, so here's hoping. Still at $8 million overseas, though...

Sausage Party hangs at #10, falling 54% and sitting at $93 million domestically, far more than I had expected for this. It's clearing $100 million stateside, which is great for many reasons, troubling for others... And you know which.

The Secret Life of Pets slipped down a little further. 56%, sits at $361 million stateside, $789 million worldwide. Should reach somewhere below $370 million here, right in line with the domestic gross of the studio's own Despicable Me 2. I wonder how this will bode for Illumination, will it convince Mr. Meledandri to put lots of emphasis on originals? Maybe, maybe not. Apparently Sing will continue this streak, as it apparently went over quite well at the Toronto International Film Festival yesterday.

Finding Dory went back into second-run mode after its Labor Day weekend-only resurgence, dropped 79%, still at $483 million. Final total should be somewhere below $490 million. $951 million worldwide, for things have yet to be updated, and it still hasn't opened everywhere yet. Good-sized markets like Italy and Germany are getting it very soon.

Collision Course still lingers, but we all know where that's headed. It's right around $400 million worldwide, should probably stall at $65-66 million here. If it misses $66 million, then it will not have made 3x its opening weekend gross, which is unusual for a family-friendly animated film.

So yes, another ho-hum weekend, but it's good to see Kubo hanging in there.

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