Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Uncovered: New Pixar Short Revealed

Well how about that? Information on Pixar's next mini-picture...

It's titled Lou.

The news was broken by Pixar animation supervisor Dave Mullins, who is directing the short. The glimpse comes from his Instagram...

A video posted by Dave Mullins (@dave.mullins) on

Interesting... It appears to be about someone disappearing into their toy chest. The title is quite clever, and fits into Pixar's short-and-sweet title league.

Of course, we can all assume that we'll see this in theaters next summer, before Cars 3. Of course, like many Pixar shorts, it'll probably make its debut at a festival or somewhere else before the general release. (i.e. Lava debuting around a year before Inside Out was released.) Either way, it already looks and sounds pretty cool!

Now I wonder if Pixar will get a short attached to Coco. The first time they did a double header, last year, they delivered. Inside Out had a short, so did Good Dinosaur. Walt Disney Animation Studios oddly didn't give us a short with Zootopia, but will with Moana. (Inner Workings) Wonder if they repeat that in 2018, because I'd like to see shorts before both 2018 releases.

I also wonder what kind of tech will be used here. Will it experiment like Sanjay's Super Team did? Or will it be another exercise in near-photorealism?

What say you?


  1. I like to see the Pixar short films as a tv show which with each new episode is a different story
    Like how every season of AHS is different or the show MAD

  2. "I also wonder what kind of tech will be used here"

    Me too, Kyle. Me too...*cough* traditional animation *cough*