Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Dawning: 'Early Man' Officially in Production

Yesterday, Aardman made it known... Their next feature-length project has officially entered production...

Here's a tiny look at what's in store...

Early Man, as reported earlier, is a stop-motion feature about a caveman named Dug and his hog friend Hognob. He and his tribe unite, and take on the Bronze Age... Through the world's very first soccer match! Yes it sounds different from your usual caveman adventure, and that's one reason I'm there. The other? Easy. It's Aardman! And Nick Park - the Wallace and Gromit creator himself - is directing! The last time he directed a feature-length film was Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit... That movie is over a decade old! You can also tell it's his, because this new duo really look like a prehistoric Wallace and Gromit.

Anyways, the film is set to open in the UK on January 26, 2018. It still hasn't locked a US distributor/date. Like other Aardman pictures, it'll be reasonably budgeted, reports say it'll cost around $50 million.

Even though we've seen little, it already sounds like yet another knockout from the studio across the Atlantic...


  1. Kyle, what would your reaction be if the film got released in the US by Disney of all companies? I'd be happy about it, as long as they don't dump it and put all their marketing efforts into Wreck-it Ralph 2.

    1. I highly doubt that would happen, but even if they pick it up, they'd probably use the Touchstone brand for it, and just not associate it with the Disney brand.

    2. I don't think Disney is interested in anything but their own franchises nowadays. If it were to be released in the US, my best bet is if it were distributed by GKIDS.

    3. Pretty much what they said, I don't see Disney expressing any interest in distributing something like this. If they did, they'd put little effort in the marketing.

  2. Good. Something else I can turn to that's not CGI.