Friday, October 21, 2016

From Demigod to Governor: Tom Hiddleston To Voice Villain in 'Early Man'

Well would you look at that, Aardman's latest, Early Man, has added Loki to its cast.

That's right, Tom Hiddleston will be voicing the villain of this very stop-motion picture: Lord Nooth, the governor of the Bronze Age town that the Stone Age characters, including main protagonist Dug, are at odds with. The character has been described as "ridiculously pompous". It's not Hiddleston's first voice acting gig. He had played Captain Hook in DisneyToon's Tinker Bell entry The Pirate Fairy over two years ago.

Interestingly enough, Deadline's article confirms that Studiocanal - who is financing the film - plans to shop it around next month to potential American takers. Does it land a distributor anytime soon? Or will we have to wait like we did with Shaun the Sheep Movie? Hopefully not the latter, and hopefully someone decent gets their hands on it. I can see this one getting a distributor before its UK release (January 26, 2018), I reckon Shaun took forever because it's a silent film and the TV show it's based on isn't quite known here. Early Man on the other hand is an original story and boasts quite the cast already, that could lead to a bigger distributor saying yes to it.

Right now, I think potential candidates are STX, A24, Focus, and Fox. Fox is losing DreamWorks next summer, so maybe they'll try to partner up with another animation studio so that they don't have just one under their tree. I'm not sure what's going on with Reel FX, it doesn't seem like they inked a distribution pact with Fox.

Anyways, it's good to see it moving forward. We'll probably get plenty more cast announcements soon...

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  1. Speaking of A24, I remember one time when my Mom had Howard Stern on the radio and he was interviewing Jonah Hill, who said that A24 is the best company because their marketing department knows what they are doing. He even rambled about how other studios can make good movies look like crap and vice versa.

    *cough*Fox and DreamWorks*cough*