Monday, October 17, 2016

Nothing to Cry Over: Teaser for 'The Boss Baby' Debuts

We reckoned the teaser for DreamWorks' first 2017 picture, and their second-to-last film of theirs to be distributed by 20th Century Fox, would surface sometime this month in time for the release of Trolls. It is finally here...

Surprisingly... It looks like it could be fun.

The teaser isn't noise and ping-ponging between jokes and story points, it actually takes the time to set up the premise and work in some fun gags. I don't mind the look they're going for, it has a very soft, almost 50s feel to it, but the art direction in general is not dissimilar to the cartoonier CG stuff we've seen for over 10 years. What the trailer doesn't quite show is something reports touched upon: Apparently the baby only talks and acts like an adult in the older brother's imagination. I wonder how much they can get out of that for a roughly 90-minute movie. I've got some hope for it, for Austin Powers scribe Michael McCullers wrote it, and DreamWorks has made a few pretty good comedies before.

Ever since DreamWorks officially revealed this one, the opinions were either "it looks decent" or "it looks horrible". Yes, it's too safe and probably something DreamWorks shouldn't have blown $120 million on when much cooler projects languish on the wayside. I would've easily taken Bollywood Superstar Monkey and Me and My Shadow over this, but if it succeeds at being a very fun comedy that I'll want to watch again, I can't complain too too much. DreamWorks is now under the Comcast umbrella now, so it probably won't matter too much if this film flops, but it should still be a major concern because it's the animators who could get affected by this... And it has happened many times before at the studio. Not sure how things will flow with Comcast and changed management.

What say you? Did you enjoy the trailer? Do you think this film could be decent? Sound off below!


  1. Tbh, I think Tim sounds a bit like Chowder. If Cartoon Network ever revives the series, they should get Miles Bakshi to do the voice, maybe have Nicky Jones do some background characters (similar to Alexander Gould having a small part in Finding Dory).

  2. The trailer was pretty good, but I felt it was missing something, and not sure if it loked convincing enough for the general audience, even though this is just a teaser. Sadly, I can imagine the situation of Fox being like "Oh, so you're with Universal now? F you, then, we still have some of your films, and we're gonna ditch the sht out of them!" Obviously, I'm over exaggarating, but unless Universal takes over marketing for Boss Baby and Underpants, I fear this will happen.