Sunday, October 9, 2016

Weekend Box Office Report: Billion Dollar Dory, 'Storks' Still Flies

Estimates for now, weekend actuals to be posted on Monday...

Another relatively quiet weekend, but some things are happening here and there...

Storks fell 37%, and is now sitting at $50 million domestically and $104 million worldwide. Certainly not the drop Open Season - the best we can compare this movie's run to - had on its third weekend, as that was at $59 million domestically by that point. Again, Storks cost $70 million, it's not too far from doubling that. Should it make above, around say, $180 million worldwide, it should be a success for Warner Bros. I've been watching Storks in particular, because I think it could set a new precedent.

Next in line is Sausage Party, which rose 139% because of an expansion, apparently extra footage was added to the film's ending. My theater didn't get this re-release. It's at $97 million domestically, $129 million. Quite the hit.

Notably, Finding Dory jumped 10 spaces up and rose 136%. Still at $484 million domestically, it has finally topped $1 billion worldwide. Amazing that it'll finish behind an all-original animated movie that came out a few months before it...

We did it... A calendar year where two all-animated pictures topped $1 billion worldwide...

Right behind it is The Secret Life of Pets, falling only 26% and landing at $365 million here, $848 million worldwide. Illumination really, really scored with this one. Watch Pets 2 be a potential candidate for highest grossing animated feature.

Kubo and the Two Strings is pretty much disappearing, falling 54%, the climb to $50 million may be a bit of a struggle from here on out. Even then, if it doesn't reach it, it still had incredible legs. It's at $63 million worldwide.

The Wild Life still lingers, going up 12%, but $8 million will be this one's final domestic gross. $30 million worldwide.

And so we wait for the trolls...


  1. "And so we wait for the trolls..."

    At this point, I think the film is keeping it's release date against Doctor Strange and will most likely flop. Now I am aware that Puss in Boots had a last minute date change back in 2011, but here's the thing. That movie was released by Paramount. 20th Century Fox, on the other hand, has a history of giving their DreamWorks Animation titles bad release dates. For example, I believe that if another studio had bought DreamWorks back in 2012, then How to Train Your Dragon 2 probably would've kept it's original 6/20/2014 bow instead of going head-to-head with 22 Jump Street the week before and losing teen/adult moviegoers. Also, Paramount did the same thing with Kung Fu Panda 2 by having it open the same day as The Hangover Part 2. So yes, at this rate, I do think that Trolls will keep its current slot and bomb due to Doctor Strange. Things like these kinda make me wish that Paramount had renewed their contract because surely, they would've learned after Po's second outing, right? Right? Anyways, color me surprised if FOX does actually move Trolls up a week though. I'll be a happy camper. What say you?

    (I probably triggered you by stealing your closing line, didn't I?)

    1. All I wonder is when we will get a final poster of Trolls, the movie is only a few weeks away and we only have that awfull teaser poster.
      It's so hard for Fox to out some effort in that aspect of the marketing?

  2. Hey, Kyle.

    Have you heard of Middle School: Worst Years Of My Life? There's a trailer for traditional animation, in a live action comedy. You should go see the trailer for that movie on YouTube. The movie came out 2 days ago.

    Go check out the trailer.

  3. I hope that all the money that Finding Dory did help to bring back the 85M. That Good dinosaur lose