Sunday, October 23, 2016

Weekend Box Office Report: 'Storks' Continues to Ease, 'Trolls' Starts Overseas

Yet another pretty slow October weekend, but that means the current crop can ease.

Storks only fell 28%. It seems the final total for this film, currently at $64 million domestically, will be somewhere in the mid-70s. Just a good click below a similar September animated opener from a decade ago, Open Season. Sony was happy with that film's $197 million worldwide haul against its $85 million budget. Right now, Storks has doubled its $70 million budget worldwide. A few more chugs, and Warner Bros. should be happy with its performance.

Finding Dory lingers in the Top 25, still at $485 million domestically, $1,017 million worldwide. It's a few clicks away from outgrossing Zootopia and becoming this year's highest grossing animated film. It remains the grand champion of animation box office domestically, as the previous record was held for 12 years by Shrek 2. If Moana pulls a billion, the mouse will be a happy camper: Three animated releases of theirs, one Pixar, two from their once-ailing animation house, makin' the big billions.

We are so far from where we were ten years ago, when Disney Animation was scraping the bottom of the box office barrel and mostly putting out disappointing efforts.

Pretty much on its final legs, Kubo and the Two Strings may or may not hit $50 million domestically. It's currently at $47 million here, and $66 million all around the world. It doesn't matter, because LAIKA has the clout to keep making stop-motion extravaganzas. Also, $47 million is 3.9x the opening weekend gross. Shows that word-of-mouth was pretty strong!

The Secret Life of Pets treks slowly to $370 million here, it has topped $860 million worldwide. $366 million stateside, $864 million worldwide. Ice Age: Collision Course still skates a bit, $64 million domestically and $406 million worldwide. Sausage Party looks to just miss $100 million, but the little $19 million movie topped $135 million around the world.

On the other side of the globe, things are happening with the new kid on the block.

Trolls has collected $21 million overseas, as it rolled out in some territories recently. I think Fox and DreamWorks dropped the ball by keeping the early November release date for the US bow, as October was pretty much family film-free and it's out now in other countries. I get the sense that Fox just doesn't care, and will toss the remaining DreamWorks films that they have on hand, if Boss Baby's super-divisive teaser is any indicator.

Anyways, tracking says Trolls won't top $30 million for the weekend, but anything is possible. Remember when tracking said Home wouldn't make much more than like $25-30 million on opening weekend? Then in the week leading up to its release, the tracking folk were saying "$35-45 million", and it opened with $52 million. Anything goes, sometimes. Maybe Fox/DreamWorks can give it one last, eleventh-hour kick and have the little flick stack up well against the oncoming Marvel monster Doctor Strange.

On a side note, both films - visually - are kind of similar to me. Doctor Strange is psychedelic in one way, while Trolls is psychedelic in another. Doctor Strange is like Matrix mindbender-level stuff, while Trolls is the colorful, fuzzy, cute kind of psychedelia. It'll make for an interesting pair that weekend...

What say you?


  1. Trolls doesn't just look like it was made on drugs, it's also sort of about them. Seriously--the villains, the Bergens, eat trolls for their intoxicating effect. There is no way that is not a coincidence.

  2. The fact that Fox didn´t released a Theatrical Release Poster of Trolls and we only got the teaser poster shows how they no longer care about Dreamworks