Monday, November 21, 2016

Big Vroom!: 'Cars 3' Teaser Goes an Unexpected Route

After quite a wait, the teaser trailer for Pixar's next is finally here!

For a while, we've heard that Cars 3 was not going to go the route of its maligned predecessor. It would go back to racing and the road and everything that worked about the first film. The teaser confirms that racing is indeed the main focus, and we get some glimpses of new characters of like Jackson Storm, the new sort-of antagonist of the picture.

Just look at it... The muted colors, the rather dramatic tone, the ending. This is far away from most Pixar teasers, this puts it more in line with Brave's humorless teaser. Pixar teasers are normally fun little skits with a few jokes here and there, these two are real anomalies, as is the teaser for The Good Dinosaur, which was a set-up of the premise followed a dialogue-less montage of scenes from the movie. I love this, it's to the point, and it establishes nicely in 50 seconds what it will be about: Lightning McQueen might not be to able stack up against all the new competitors in the field...

As I've said before, I love the first Cars, I don't mind the second one, and I'm looking forward to this third installment because of what's been said about it over the last few months. Now that the teaser is out, I'm in!

What say you?

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