Saturday, November 5, 2016

Lighting Up: 'Trolls' Takes Off [UPDATE]

All that doom and gloom was for naught, for DreamWorks' newest looks to be a success...

Pulling in $12 million yesterday, Trolls is looking at - per the analysts - a $44 million gross for the weekend, putting it on par with The Croods and a little bit above Kung Fu Panda 3. Both of those scored some of the highest openings for a Fox-distributed DreamWorks film, the #1 spot belongs to Home. Fox's marketing I guess paid off a bit, and it's stacking up decently enough against to-be-titan Doctor Strange. So...

For now, I think the film is in good standing.

Say it pulls a 3.5x multiplier, mostly the usual for animated features, it'll wind up with around $154 million domestically. Couple that with a fine overseas gross, this will not be a crushing flop. So now that's three in a row that have done well, according to the studio: Home, Kung Fu Panda 3, and now this. Trolls cost $125 million to make, mere millions less than what their previous string of features cost ($135-145 million), still too much. Hopefully that comes to an end with The Boss Baby. Captain Underpants opens after Boss Baby, it's an exception because DreamWorks outsourced that to Mikros.

I have no idea if Larrikins was greenlit with a $120 million budget, but I'm sure How To Train Your Dragon 3 is carrying a price that high. I wouldn't mind if it were for sequels that were locked to explode overseas, but for things like Trolls, Larrikins, Shadows, and whatnot? Nada. From here on out, I think DreamWorks should really rethink the budgets. With a lot of overhead cleared out following the Comcast acquisition, maybe they will do so. I'd say the maximum should be a Blue Sky-sized budget: Low 100s. Sony Animation typically hovers around $80 million, Warner Animation outsources (Animal Logic, ImageWorks, etc.) so they keep theirs low, Illumination's work is always done in France.

Good thing is, DreamWorks seems to be on their feet once more.


$46 million for the trolls...

This makes it the third biggest opening for a Fox-DreamWorks film, behind Home ($52 million) and How To Train Your Dragon 2 ($49 million)... Good, good... The overseas take is now $104 million, so it's already set to crack $200 million worldwide in no time. At work today, all the screenings? Packed.

Losing over 700 theaters, Storks took a dive. Nearly 65% down, the movie is still in good standing, as it has crossed $70 million here and $169 million worldwide. Currently 2.4x the budget. I hope Warner Bros. doesn't deem it a disappointment.

The Secret Life of Pets saw a small uptick, still at $366 million domestically and $871 million worldwide. Finding Dory saw yet another late-in-the-game rise, as it will settle for a $486 million gross in the end. It rose 35%, and it's now at $1,024 million, just topping Zootopia and becoming this year's highest-grossing animated feature. Animation domination!

Kubo and the Two Strings, out on Blu-ray on in matter of weeks, eased. Still at $47 million domestically and $68 million worldwide. Not all great, original movies this year were deserved smashes. Hopefully this becomes a bigger hit through video sales, TV and all.

No weekend numbers for Sausage Party. Out of theaters? Could be, because the Blu-ray arrives on Election Day.

To be updated...

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  1. Tbh, I did not think it was gonna do this good against Doctor Strange.