Thursday, November 10, 2016

More Monster Mashing: 'Pacific Rim' Sequel Begins Production, Warner Bros. Dates 'Rampage' Movie

For a while, we've heard about an adaptation of the arcade classic Rampage...

I mean, how could one go wrong? It's a game where you get to play as a cartoony giant monster, and destroy the living daylights out of cities! The original game hit arcades in 1986, and got a couple sequels, the most notable being Rampage: World Tour. The film is set to star The Rock, so that makes it cooler. The Rock squaring off against three giant monsters! Or will The Rock be one of the monsters? In the games, the monsters are humans that have morphed into towering behemoths.

Let's just hope they get this one right, because if they take it too seriously and make it a generic gritty monster movie, I won't be a happy camper. Rampage is meant to be over-the-top fun and bonkers destruction, and I think it would honestly work better as an all-animated film, but live-action/HRCG it is (I'm going use that from now on: Hyper-real CG). Brad Peyton, director of The Rock's recent actioner hit San Andreas, is at the helm of this. The same writer, Carlton Cruse, returns as well. I actually happened to see San Andreas, I thought it was just "there". Good, competent action, some thrills, but little else. Hopefully Rampage is not just like that.

Anyways, it's finally seemingly going forward. Turns out, Rampage will be that picture WB will be releasing through New Line on April 20, 2018. That's actually over a month after Wreck-It Ralph 2 opens, and of course Ralph's game world was partially inspired by Rampage. I think that's kind of a cool coincidence, no?

Just as cool is the fact that this will open about two months after Pacific Rim: Maelstrom, which is also now an official thing. Cameras are rolling, production has begun! For a little while, we didn't have many monster movies like this, just a few inbetween... But now we're seeing more and more of them, maybe because of the big success of Gareth Edwards' Godzilla? Pacific Rim - a $190 million-costing giant - was a domestic crawler after a low opening weekend gross, but the overseas markets saved it, and a few other things too. More than anything, this sequel is being made for the country that flocked to see the original: China. If Warcraft gets a sequel, that's also going to be for China.

Anyways, Godzilla had godawful legs after a massive opening bow back in 2014 (I, for one, loved the film), thankfully it made just enough here and elsewhere to ensure a sequel, a crossover with Legendary's own King Kong, and a possible shared universe of giant monsters. Kaiju have returned! Now let's get an animated kaiju movie a-firin', huh? When will Paramount get around to making Trey Parker and Matt Stone's Giant Monsters Attack Japan? What about Original Force's geriatric kaiju comedy OldZilla?

What say you?

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