Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Poster Rush: 'Cars 3' Teaser Posters Unveiled

Unusually arriving a little after the release of the teaser, the Cars 3 posters are here!

Both are, for the most part, not unusual for Pixar teaser posters. Minimal, not needing much, just a few images and such to get the point across. The American one and the international one are both radically different...

Our poster aligns with the film's much talked about teaser. McQueen's big wreck...

The international one is the beach scene that we saw in the great concept art earlier in the year.

Both are quite nice, the first is rather striking for some. For many who aren't all that fond of the Cars series, the rather gritty mood of the teaser and the US poster could be off-putting, almost laughable in a way. Others who are accustomed to Cars' lighter side have been surprised as well.

For me, I see the wreck itself as being no different from what Doc Hudson or The King went through. I'm seeing all this talk, all this "McQueen died!" talk, and I can only scratch my head. The Cars series may be lightweight compared to some other Pixar heavies out there, but for me the series didn't hold back on some rough stuff. Races can be dangerous, and death is a thing in the world of cars. Several autos are blown up or killed in Cars 2, Cars climaxes with the King getting in a very bad crash. The first Cars nearly had a sequence where McQueen ends up in a graveyard of broken cars after getting separated from Mack, and of course Stanley has been long dead.

As for the wreck, McQueen is essentially following in the tire tracks of Doc Hudson, and having him wreck makes sense for this kind of a story. We were told back in June that Cars 3 will have a lot of focus on the deceased Hudson Hornet. I can understand how the tone itself has shocked some folk, but you see... Disney marketing did their job! They got people talking! "A gritty Cars movie? What the heck?!" It's still buzz. I have a feeling the first full trailer for this thing will be the typical "gags-story-gags-story" ping-ponging.

The international poster eschews the grit, and focuses on vibrant colors and pretty scenery. No wreckage, no greyed out racetracks, just a pretty, sunny beach and a really cool shot of McQueen kicking up water. It's very nice to look at, and in a way it's not much different from some other Cars-related promo materials. One of the earlier posters for the first Cars was very minimal as well, it was Lightning covered in a tarp, and you could only see some of his smile.

Anyways, both are very cool. The US one doesn't show the film's proper logo, Disney has been doing this with posters and teasers these days. The teaser for Pirates of the Caribbean: Insert Super-Long Subtitle Here ends with the Pirates skull, but no logo. The poster itself doesn't have the logo, either. Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2? That teaser just ends with "Coming Soon", but the poster shows the logo. I wonder if Spider-Man: Homecoming and Thor: Ragnarok's marketing will be similar.

What say you?

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  1. No titles on these Disney posters, eh? I wonder if Coco will get the same treatment.