Sunday, November 20, 2016

Weekend Box Office Report: Small Stumbles

With Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them expectedly topping the chart, a few movies have seen some pretty good-sized drops.

Trolls is currently in third place, and it's a smidgen behind Doctor Strange. Both movies dropped over 50% this weekend, the Marvel sorcerer seeing an unsurprisingly harsher drop. Trolls collected $17 million (estimate) for the weekend, and is at $116 million here in the states. Overseas numbers are a little sluggish right now, as the picture's still below $300 million worldwide. Next weekend, I think, will also be something of a test for Trolls. It could either hold up quite nicely against Moana, or get hit a little hard.

Even films outside the Marvel and DreamWorks wheelhouses dropped pretty hard this week, so all-around it's just an okay week for holdovers. I expect Fantastic Beasts to see a bit of dipping next week, as Moana is sure to be open big.

Storks fell off 60%, it has crept to $71 million here and $175 million worldwide. This is the final set of laps, methinks. I wonder how much higher it'll go overseas. It has officially made 2 1/2x its budget. I hope Warner Bros. is happy with it. Kubo and the Two Strings is pretty much done, I doubt it'll make much in the two markets that haven't gotten it yet: Poland and Bulgaria. $47 million domestically and $69-71 million worldwide it is.

Finding Dory is still juicing in some small venues, total is pretty much the same here. $1,026 million worldwide, still a few clicks above Zootopia. It's the year's biggest animated film. The Blu-ray cover for the film states that it's the biggest, too... But only at the domestic box office. The covers for these things are made and printed looooong before they hit stores, so I guess at the time, Disney bean counters weren't sure if the fishies would overtake the animals. In a way, that's quite exciting.

See, I thought the Pixar sequel to the beloved hit from 13 years ago would've easily been this year's animated champion. While Finding Dory is the champion, it literally eked by Zootopia to claim the trophy. No, Disney Animation's little animal movie was the little animated movie that could. Projections said it would do good but no exceptionally, it did more than just that. Reminds me of how Disney wasn't so sure about an animal picture some 22 years ago. It just proves that old William Goldman quote... "Nobody knows anything... Not one person in the entire motion picture field knows for a certainty what's going to work."

Some thought Trolls would open with a meager $25-30 million and finish up with $90 million at best, that's clearly not the case, three weeks in.

Anyways, prime time will truly be in full swing by next weekend.

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