Saturday, November 12, 2016

Weekend Report: 'Trolls' Barely Slips

In the midst of all the recent DreamWorks happenings, it looks like the studio's latest is going to have some very strong legs...

Updated Sunday November 13th, original article follows...

Trolls opened with a very solid $46 million last weekend, and this weekend it might gross around the same amount if all goes well. The Friday estimates are in, and it's $12.2 million. Trolls' opening day gross was $12.3 million...

Is this film going to pull a Puss in Boots?

Puss in Boots was released by DreamWorks some five years ago. It had an unusually low opening, and this was before the days of Rise of the Guardians and Turbo. $34 million it was, it seemed like audiences weren't quite into this one... But then something happened. Weekend two came, it took in $33 million, just 3% down from opening weekend! Puss in Boots ended up making 4.38x its opening weekend gross.

Not dissimilar is Disney Animation's Bolt. Opened with a paltry $26.2 million, the second weekend gross was $26.5 million. It went up 1%! Films mostly drop on second weekend, Bolt was a rare exception that went up. Bolt also ended up making 4.38x its opening weekend gross.

So does Trolls repeat that? Or do things go a little differently today and on Sunday? Box Office Mojo is thinking it makes $34 million this weekend, BoxOffice thinks so as well. That is still super-fine. That would be a great 27% drop, landing the film at $92 million domestically. If it makes $46 million, then $104 million. It's doing quite well already.

I saw parts of the film at work, and I was honestly pretty impressed. I can also see why audiences are flocking to this one, especially in times like these. I expect it to hang on tightly, and co-exist with Moana next month.


Trolls didn't quite perform like the feline, but it slipped just a little. A strong 24%, with a fantastic $34 million, and a $93 million finish. It's only a few steps behind the #1 film, too, Marvel's Doctor Strange. Worldwide, Trolls is now at $223 million. In a few weeks, it's already set to leave Turbo and Mr. Peabody & Sherman in the dust. The only countries it hasn't opened in yet are Austria and Australia. They get it at the beginning of next month.

Storks (#17) is now entering its last set of laps, the film looks to top off at roughly $73 million when all is said and done, it's at $173 million worldwide, nearly 2 1/2x the budget. The Secret Life of Pets (#21) crossed $367 million stateside, $872 million worldwide. Finding Dory (#30) showed no major change - $486m domestically and $1,024m worldwide. Kubo and the Two Strings (#35) saw no change, either. $47 million here and $69 million all around the globe.

The animation domination looks to continue, what with Trolls holding up well and Moana around the corner, followed by the sure-to-be-big Sing.

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  1. I just got back from seeing the movie. It was actually pretty good. There were a lot of people in there, so I agree with your prediction that it may pull a "Puss in Boots".