Monday, December 26, 2016

Carrying a Tune: 'Sing' Opens Well

Now that the Christmas week and weekend are over, what are the results?

Illumination's Sing lead the animated pack, which isn't surprising given that it's the new film from the reliably hit-making Despicable Me creators. That being said, the opening wasn't as spectacular as I thought it would be. It's still very good, because Illumination is smart with budgets. For those who don't know, they send the work to a French studio they own called Mac Guff. This is why their animated films cost less than $80 million to make.

Sing also debuted at #2, because of a strong hold-over for Rogue One. It pulled in $35 million for the three-day, and $55 million for the five-day. With Monday estimates already in, the film is currently at $76 million. Worldwide? $93 million. Key markets like the UK and Japan haven't gotten the film yet, it doesn't open in the country it was made in until next month. Russia and Japan have to wait until March. I'm sure it'll do fine over in those territories. Look for a leggy run with this one...

With a bevy of new releases, Moana slipped from second place to sixth. Only dropping 41%, the weekend total was $7 million, bringing the picture up to $180 million domestically. Monday estimates take it to $183 million. Worldwide, it's at $327 million. Like Sing, it has yet to open in a few major markets as well. At this point in its run back in 2010, Tangled was at $146 million. This means $237 million might be the ceiling for Moana, which is pretty darn good. That would be a stellar 4.3x the three-day opening weekend gross, 2.8x the five-day. Tangled made 4.1x its three-day, and 2.9x its five-day. If Moana performs more like that, then we'll be looking at a possible $240 million+ gross.

Trolls lost over 1,000 theaters and dipped 71% for the three-day, with a $390k take, $575k for the four-day. Worldwide, it is at $329 million. The picture looks to finish somewhere below $155 million in North America, a solid number that puts it between Kung Fu Panda 3 ($141 million) and Home ($177 million). Here's hoping the last two Fox-DreamWorks pictures do well.

No numbers for Storks just yet...

To be updated...

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