Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Singin' Sony: Sony Animation and Lin-Manuel Miranda Launch Monkey Musical 'Vivo'

A little shocker announcement that came out nowhere... Sony Animation's got something interesting cooking.

Vivo is the name of the film.

Lin-Manuel Miranda is doing the songs... All eleven of them. The Croods director Kirk DeMicco will helm the picture, and long-timer Lisa Stewart (Almost Famous, Monsters vs. Aliens) is set to produce. Originally pitched to DreamWorks six years ago by High School Musical creator Peter Barsoccini, the project will also be written by a LMM comrade, the writer of his In the Heights - Quiara Alegría Hudes.

A pretty strong line-up right there. Sony Animation's brass is very confident in this tale, the story of a music-loving capuchin monkey that goes on an epic journey from Havana to Miami to meet his goals. It now has a concrete release date... December 18, 2020.

Sony Animation had originally staked out December 11 of 2020 for an "Untitled Original", the slot is filled, and the movie in question moved back a bit. Yes, they seem super-confident in Vivo. Why wouldn't they? Hot off the success of Moana, not to mention Hamilton and the slew of upcoming LMM projects (Mary Poppins Returns, for starters), it makes sense. What I didn't know was that it was in the works for a long while before Moana entered development, about a year before Ron Clements and John Musker even pitched what eventually became Moana!

Anyways, this is great. I was originally a bit bummed on Sony's line-up, what with Emoji movies and stuff. This, alongside the animated Spider-Man movie and The Star give me a bit of hope. Whatever those untitled 2019 "franchise" entries are, I could kind of care less right now. Vivo sounds cool, it's neat to see Lin-Manuel diving into more animation, since his new Walt Disney Animation Studios project is probably quite a long ways off. I like the idea of a musical set in Havana, alongside some other things. If Emojimovie pays for more cool stuff like this, then that's all good.

What say you?

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  1. "Pitched to DreamWorks", eh? I mean, it kinda does remind me of Bollywood Superstar Monkey.