Monday, December 19, 2016

Staying Afloat: 'Moana' Holds on Well in the Face of 'Rogue One'

Moana has some serious staying power!

Not even the new Star Wars event could stop it dead in its tracks, or make it drop more than 45%.

Moana dipped an excellent 31%, making $12 million for the weekend and collecting $162 million domestically overall. Still not out everywhere around the world, the worldwide total is $282 million.

Four weeks into its run, Tangled was at $127 million, while Frozen was at $192 million. If it keeps following former's path, the finish will be $235 million domestically... But who knows, will it surge in the coming weeks? Or stay the course? Christmas week gave these two big bumps, I assume the same will happen to this film. I think it still has a shot at $250 million domestic.

Trolls wasn't as lucky, but all is fine for now considering that the film topped $140 million last weekend. Falling 54%, the glittery colorful flick is now at $147 million domestically and $323 million worldwide. So far it has made 2 1/2x its budget, and I'm not sure if DreamWorks wants more than that.

Remember, Penguins of Madagascar made 2.8x its budget and the studio considered that a loss... But they didn't consider Home, which made 2.9x its budget, a flop. Perhaps that's because Home fared far better here than Penguins. The Madagascar spin-off missed $100 million in the states, whereas Home made $177 million. I think that a lot to do with it. With an amount not much less than that, Trolls could be fine. Again, we'll have to wait and see.

Storks still flies a bit, but hasn't inched past $71 million domestically yet. Worldwide it saw an itsy boost, it is up to $179 million.

A re-issue of The Polar Express got onto the charts with a tiny $67k.

The Secret Life of Pets is pretty much done, yet still rolling in some houses. Same numbers as last weekend: $368m domestic / $875m worldwide.

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