Tuesday, January 10, 2017

A New Head: DreamWorks Animation Gets a New CEO

The transitioning still isn't over, it seems...

DreamWorks Animation finally has a new CEO, and one who is no stranger to animation.

The man in question is Chris DeFaria, who actually began his career in animation long before his live-action successes. He started out doing the voice of Peppermint Patty in a few Peanuts films and specials from the late 1960s to the early 1970s. For over twenty years, he has been at Warner Bros., being a key part of the visual fx/animation side of the company, and was one of the overseers of Warner Animation Group. He has quite a bit of experience, and seems like he is a good fit for the position.

As expected, DreamWorks president Bonnie Arnold (now by herself, co-president Mireille Soria stepped down last month) will answer to him, and he will answer to Universal chairman Donna Langley. CEO and founder of Illumination Entertainment Chris Meledandri, who made it clear that he wasn't going to run the studio, will be a senior advisor.

Here is what DeFaria had to say...

"Having the opportunity to shape the future of DreamWorks Animation and build on its storied legacy is an unbelievable honor... I can’t wait to get started with Donna and Chris, as well as Bonnie and the incredibly talented artists at DWA, on bringing more iconic stories and characters to audiences around the globe. This is the opportunity of a lifetime and while I will miss the many great people at Warner Bros. and the terrific projects with which I was involved, I couldn’t be more excited about everything that lies ahead."

The slate is still being figured out, while there is a clear road ahead. Nothing has changed for the films that have concrete release dates, but after this move, we should get an idea of what's in store. Will more interesting fare make the cut? The same ol'-same ol'? Or something unexpected?

What say you?


  1. So that means Jeffrey Katzenberg is gone. Good riddance. That guy is a greedy jerk as Michael Eisner.

    1. He vacated the CEO position around last summer.