Monday, January 9, 2017

Burning Rubber: Extended Sneak Peak for 'Cars 3' Debuts

Aired during the National Championship as expected, a new look at Pixar's next is now online...

Instead of being a proper full trailer, this is more an extended version of the teaser that debuted back in November. The very teaser that got folk talking! The first half is the whole teaser, the rest is all-new stuff.

No silly country bumpkin hijinks with Mater to be found here, no spots of humor, really. The trailer focuses entirely on McQueen and his millennial competition. We get a little peak at Cruz Ramirez, but the trailer shows off the antagonistic Jackson Storm. The trailer also confirms that this will be very different from its predecessors, and as a trailer, it has an overall intense and dramatic tone.

I want to point out that the nighttime crash that you see quickly in the second half of this is going to be the one in the finished film. The crash scene in the teaser? It's in the movie, but they re-lit it and made it look like it was set during the day. How do I know? Someone leaked the actual clip from the movie, which was only shown to those who attended the presentation at the International Auto Show in Detroit. The same shots and everything, but at nighttime. It was much more colorful, too... Almost as if the marketing people were jabbing at Hollywood's love for desaturated, grayed out, "gritty" movies.

That's the last thing most folk would associate with Lightning McQueen and pals. It's genius, really. The film will probably open higher than I expected it to at one, because of this. Long shunted aside as the "kiddier" Pixar series, the marketing is really making an effort to get adults interested. While the film itself looks more vibrant than the teaser, it still isn't as popping as the first two installments in the series. They've gone for something a little less candy-coated this time, and I think it'll work.

Anyways, I've been sold on it since the day they said it would be much like the first Cars. This new extended first look/trailer? I'm impressed. What say you?