Wednesday, February 8, 2017

More Movin' Movies: The Weinsteins Delay 'Leap!'

The American release of the French animated film Ballerina has been delayed...

Titled Leap! here in the US, it's been moved - even though there's a trailer out - from March 3rd to April 21st... The week after the release of ToonBox's Spark, which opens a week after Smurfs: The Lost Village and the American release of Your Name., which is a week after the release of The Boss Baby. Talk about a train of animation!

This is no surprise because the Weinstein Company's last all-animated release, Metegol, was delayed... And delayed... And delayed... And was eventually relegated to the direct-to-video market. Leap! could share the same fate, I wouldn't put it past them because every time they delayed Metegol (titled Underdogs here, just as bland as Leap!), it was pretty much at the last minute. One of the delays occurred after the release of a trailer!

Unlike Underdogs, Leap! is Ballerina. At least for now. The film we're currently getting is the same film the UK got months ago, and that's the only English-language dub of this movie to exist. It's a not a rewritten pile of slop, thankfully. Given the Weinsteins' usual ways with animation, I fear the delay could lead to more delays, and a redubbing, because they just can't leave well enough alone. Doogal apparently taught them nothing, nor did their false starts with theatrical animation.

Will Leap! eventually come out unaltered? Or do you think Harvey Scissorhands and co. will be up to their usual tricks?

What say you?


  1. Wait a minute! When did they announce that "Your Name" was getting a US release? Is it a wide release?

    1. Recently, it was a very quiet announcement. FUNimation is handling it, not sure if it's wide or not.

    2. I doubt it's wide; anime releases outside of Japan rarely are.