Thursday, February 2, 2017

Really Planning Ahead: Illumination Extends Slate to 2023

Holy crap! That's six years from now!

You read the title right, Illumination has added four new movies their slate, the last of which is set to open in the summer of 2023.

All of them are untitled, Box Office Mojo lists them as "Untitled Illumination Animated Film", as opposed to "Untitled Illumination Franchise Film." Could it be?? Is it possible that a majority of these movies will be original, non-sequel films? Maybe, maybe not... Perhaps a sequel rush after Grinch, and then a whole string of originals?

We shall see, but...

The dates.

Movie #1 - July 2, 2021
Movie #2 - July 1, 2022
Movie #3 - December 21, 2022
Movie #4 - June 30, 2023

I like that they're kinda-sorta pacing themselves with two-in-one-year thing. Double-whammies from them will come every two years starting in 2020, it seems. This past year was the first time Illumination readied two films for one calendar year, 2020 looks to repeat that (2018 was originally going to have two films), and now 2022. Will that turn into a pattern? Maybe, maybe not.

It's no shock, though... Illumination is a hit-making machine. Their lower budget movies, they really seem to strike a chord with the general public, no matter what kind of reception they get from critics and animation fans. Comcast probably has some algorithm or something...

Anyways, they're the first animation studio to claim dates in those years. Universal Pictures themselves were actually the first distributor to stake out a concrete 2021 date, for their tenth Fast & Furious installment. All of the other studios have yet to set anything in stone past 2020...

My theory on what will fill those slots? Something Dr. Seuss-based will, as they've been developing a Cat in the Hat movie for a while. The next two can go to Johnny Express and Flanimals, assuming both of those are still a go. Slot 4? Probably a sequel, Secret Life of Pets 3? You know it will happen.

What say you?

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