Tuesday, April 25, 2017

A Release of Some Form: 'Animal Crackers' Will Debut at Annecy

Scott Sava's Animal Crackers has been in the works for a while...

The picture was actually supposed to come out last year, and then earlier this year, but due to various complications we have to wait. Last we heard, Scott and crew were hoping to get this CG animal romp out around the Labor Day weekend. But I think nothing is really set in stone, because the movie is being distributed by Relativity Media... And we know what they've been doing and have been going through lately. (See update)

That being said, the picture be screened at the Annecy Film Festival. That occurs in less than two months.

So the announcement indicates that the film is either complete or is very close to completion. This will be the first animated feature from Sava's Spanish animation house Blue Dream, who have collaborated with others to make it happen. This is said to be a very personal film for Sava, too, which he directed with Tony Bancroft.

In other Annecy-related news, Sony Pictures Animation is set to make an appearance at the festival. Wonder what they'll pull out of their sleeve. Something from Pixar's Coco will be previewed there, too.

What say you?

UPDATE: Mr. Sava has confirmed to me (in the comments below) that the film is no longer a Relativity release. The new distributor will be announced soon, and the picture is complete...


  1. Scott here...
    Thanks for posting.
    The film IS done. And has been since January.
    We are not with Relativity, though. Just finalizing the distribution agreement with our new home (to be announced within the next few weeks).
    The trailer is done and we've just been waiting (achingly so) to get this film out.
    Can't wait for everyone to see it. So proud of everyone who worked on it.

    Hope that helps. And thank you again.

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