Sunday, April 23, 2017

Baby Rebound: Weekend Box Office Report

The Boss Baby continues to beat the rest in this lull of a spring.

Dipping a super-solid 20%, the film collected $12 million for the weekend and it's now sitting at $136 million domestically. At this rate, it is trailing Home by $6 million, faring better than it did last week. Worldwide, it's posting impressive numbers. This thing looks to beat the last string of non-sequel Fox-DreamWorks movies. The target to beat is Home, which took in $377 million worldwide. The baby is currently at $358 million, it's definitely beating it. Only one market left to open in: South Korea.

Smurfs: The Lost Village eased 27%, now it's up to $33 million domestically. This is below what the first live-action hybrid movie took in on opening weekend. The quality of the movie notwithstanding, it shows how much this franchise has dried up. Worldwide, we're at $133 million, which is a little more than double the budget. Maybe Sony will be happy with that, maybe not. I guess they're going to give the little blue guys a rest after this... Theatrically, that is. Outside of the two Aardman films they collaborated on, this might end up being their lowest-earning feature stateside. Ironically, the first hybrid Smurf movie is their biggest of all-time, internationally.

Many clicks below is Sing, still crooning somewhere in the states despite the fact that a ton of homes probably have the Blu-ray. $270 million here, no major change. $626 million worldwide. Moana is still making waves somewhere too, as it has also been out on Blu-ray for a while. Still at $248 million here, and $639 million worldwide.

Now, we're down to Spark: A Space Tail. In its second weekend, the $40 million-costing picture lost 280 screens, dipped a horrific 90%, and has made less than $200k to date... While not a wide release, as it doesn't make Box Office Mojo's list of worst second-weekend drops, that's an awful performance altogether. Makes me wonder why they even bothered releasing it to movie theaters. If I had that little faith in something, I'd either send it straight to video or release it as a Netflix original movie or something. That seemed like the right place for it, anyways. Looking at the film now, I think it would function better as a throwback-style platform game or a TV show pilot. The release strategy makes me wonder how Open Road is going to handle Blazing Samurai and Arctic Justice: Thunder Squad.

No update on Your Name. just yet, as it was up to $3.7 million here prior to the weekend. It's no Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F', sadly. Another great international work dies at the American box office, the usual...

To be updated...

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  1. Just to add something, Your Name passed 4 million in the U.S theatres. It's really good for an anime movie.
    Also, where did you got the information of the budget of "Spark"? (P.S: Thank god it bombed)