Thursday, April 6, 2017

Pony-Sized: Super-Quick 'My Little Pony' Teaser Debuts

Welp, looks like Lionsgate will promote the My Little Pony feature-length film the same way they promote their other animated releases...

Yes, the teaser for My Little Pony: The Movie is finally here.

At thirty seconds long, it's really more of an announcement for the movie than a teaser that establishes anything. You also gotta love how it outright announces its "all-star" cast and the Sia song that will apparently be in it. I've actually never watched Friendship is Magic, though I understand why it has the big fanbase that it has. It's certainly appealing in its looks.

Anyways, I doubt that this trailer will get anyone outside of the fan base and girls under the age of, like 6, interested. That's not a dig on the show or the fan base, but you know how the cookie crumbles... Most "normal" folk would take one look at the show and assume that it's just a toy commercial for girls. They're totally not in on it, they'd be completely puzzled if you told them "Oh yeah, the new My Little Pony show is actually good."

What do I think? I... Can't say. It's just an announcement teaser, really. That said, it is a new wide-release "2D"/traditional-style animated film, TV show adaptation or not, so there's that.

What say you?

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