Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Sony Sci-Fi: Is Sony Animation Developing a Sci-Fi Film?

Imagine that! Sony Pictures Animation taking a crack at a genre that animation should cover more often...

On Sony Pictures Animation's website, have a look at Michael Rianda's profile. A friend of mine spotted this, and brought it to my attention. It appears that the man - a writer/creative director on Gravity Falls, and also has Pixar, JibJab, and two short films on his resume - is developing a project about robots for the studio. The bio says it's based on his "delightfully crazy family" and "his childhood infatuation with robots." (Major points off for the last line of the bio, though.)

First off... Sony Pictures Animation's website is a bit muddled. Some of the biographies under the About/Filmmakers wing of the site haven't been updated... Since mid-2015! No joke, look at 3D visual development supervisor Todd Pilger's bio, it was clearly written back then, for mentions Hotel Transylvania 2 is upcoming and calls Smurfs: The Lost Village by the working title they used back then: Get Smurfy!

Rianda's biography could've been posted as far back as 2012, when he started writing on Gravity Falls. Heck, keep looking around, you'll see that other parts of the site aren't up to date. Genndy Tartakovsky is still listed as director of Popeye, even though he's been off of it for over two years!

Those are things to look out for.

So I can't quite say that Sony is definitely moving ahead with Rianda's robot movie. If they are, then color me intrigued, for it is supposed to be a highly personal project for him. Much more compelling than, say, emojis.

I'm not going to hold my breathe, because all too often in animationland, cool-sounding pictures get the axe or get recooked into things that are radically different. Even when they're inching closer to production! Sony Animation is one of the worst offenders in the recent years, so again... Not holding my breath. The idea sounds promising, though.

What say you?


  1. Never get to excited for a Sony or DreamWorks movie until at least a trailer comes out :v

  2. Wow imagine if they make this, Spidey, Ghostbusters, Vivo, The movie from the creator of Kubo, and even Can You Imagine, if that happens this could be like The Renaissance for them