Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Victory Lap: Full Trailer for 'Cars 3' Debuts + New 'Lou' Image

At long last, after a teaser and two "extended looks," we now have a full trailer for Pixar's next...

Yes, I really like what I'm seeing. I've been on-board the world's most unnecessary sequel since the day it was confirmed that the movie was going to be more like the first one, and less like the muddled second one.

Anyways, the new trailer is a little more balanced than the previous pieces of marketing. Yes, there's plenty of racing and the big crash is still a big part of it, but now we're seeing some other sides to the story: Lightning joins forces with a wealthy businessman (voiced by Nathan Fillion, in his second Pixar role, the first of which was Monsters U jock fraternity leader Johnny Worthington) and becomes a bigger franchise than he used to be, we finally get to see scenes with Cruz Ramirez character, we even get to see more of the demolition derby. Oh, and there's only a few seconds of Mater here. Either he's barely in the movie, or the marketing department is trying to convince folks that he won't be in it as much.

In short, yes, I like it a lot. Editing-wise, the trailer is a lot smoother than some other Pixar trailers out there. There's some comedy here and there, but it's not the usual ping-ponging between jokes and story bits. I at least got a decent idea of what I was watching.

Despite the "this film is not yet rated" tag at the end, Box Office Mojo confirms that the film is rated G. This makes it the first wide animated release to receive a G rating since The Peanuts Movie, which out in November 2015.

Outside of the trailer, we also got a new tidbit of the film's preceding short, Lou.

A better look at this amalgamation of objects from a school's lost-and-found box (I'll be completely honest, when I first saw the top image pop up on twitter, I thought I was looking at a CG'ed Sebastian!), and also a look at the bully that was mentioned in the first look a few months back...

Talk about getting your Pixar fix. The 2021 movie announced yesterday, and now these. What say you?

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