Sunday, April 30, 2017

Weekend Box Office Report: Small Dips and Closings

The quiet before the storm...

This weekend and the one before it weren't stacked to the brim, nor did they contain any big hits. This gave the animated players some more room to breathe.

The Boss Baby fell only 28% and is up to $148 million stateside, it's about $5 million behind where Home was at that point, so a $170 million+ gross for this thing is still possible. Worldwide, the baby sits in the high chair. It's up to $396 million, making it the biggest non-sequel DreamWorks film since... The Croods.

Smurfs: The Lost Village tumbled 32%, it's now up to $37 million domestically and $155 million everywhere. It's coming up on tripling its relatively small $60 million budget.

Sing is still playing in over 100 theaters. No major change in the numbers: $270m domestically, $627m worldwide.

Moana ended its domestic run on the 27th. $248 million is the final gross, worldwide it is up to $639 million, I assume it's still playing in Japan. Of all the new Walt Disney Animation Studios films, this one is the fourth biggest. All-time? Well, there's two ways of looking at that. You can add the grosses films like The Lion King made on their re-releases, or you can just use the initial release totals. Even then, worldwide totals data for the old films is a bit of a mess. Either way, it's high up there and it's a big success. The Mouse has entered a loooooong break...

Spark ended its pitiful run on the 27th as well, the film only lasted two weeks. $196k, no worldwide numbers. The UK is getting it in late May, Canada just got it.

In a little over a month, we'll see how the next biggie - DreamWorks' Captain Underpants - will do. For now, we'll be watching Marvelmania hit the box office like a speeding train, and watch some other potential blockbusters show their stuff.

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