Tuesday, May 23, 2017

2017 Licensing Expo Bits

Yes, it's that time of the year again...

With Licensing Expos comes first looks at animated things, and so far, the studios have brought some goods...

Before I go on, all of these images come from ComingSoon.net's coverage.

Let's start with the biggest reveal so far...

Spider-Man: The Animated Movie's logo...

I love this logo. Just a perfect blend of color, shape, and all, love how the Spidey symbol is reimagined in graffiti form, something about it really just clicks. Really gives the movie its own unique identity, so that it can stand apart from MCU Spidey, and Sony's two previous Spidey film series.

Sony Animation's take on the webhead, with Miles Morales donning the suit, is shaping up to be something exciting, and it promises something wild and new for a superhero movie and an animated movie. Let's hope it lives up to all of that. Apparently that's our new title, because for the longest time this thing was known as Animated Spider-Man.

Another big reveal... Something for Blue Sky's Q1 2019 release Pigeon: Impossible...

Minimal, but nice. Gives off the spy movie vibe quite nicely. I've seen the original short that this movie is based on, so it has the potential to be a cool spy send-up. Interestingly enough, nothing from Anubis showed up. If we are to go by everything we've heard over the past few years, Fox is going to release that on March 23, 2018, and apparently it's a Blue Sky production. Yet we've heard so little about it over the years, sometimes I doubt it even exists. It's been absent from a few things, too. Things that mentioned this movie and Ferdinand, Blue Sky's winter 2017 release.

We shall see...

Here's a sorta-kinda first look at Sherlock Gnomes, the belated sequel to the modest 2011 Touchstone-released animated romp Gnomeo & Juliet.

Also in the Paramount section is a new logo for their August 2018 release Amusement Park. Three years ago, Amusement Park was first unveiled at this very expo, and was penciled in for a 2017 release!

Kinda generic-looking, typography-wise, but I like how coaster tracks are tangled in the letters and all. Me, being a graphic design student, I'd just make a logo out of a rollercoaster.

And here's something for the Sony-distributed Peter Rabbit adaptation, that's opening in February 2018, and is being done by Animal Logic and Olive Bridge Entertainment. Like Goosebumps, this will likely bare the Sony Animation logo on the trailers, marketing materials, and the film proper.

Not much to see.

If anything else pops up, the post will be updated...


  1. Regarding what you said about Anubis, I think the best indicator of it moving is the fact that Fox moved Isle of Dogs to it's current date. If it moves to 2019, then perhaps Pigeon Impossible could get bumped up to a late 2018 slot(October would be my first pick)so that it won't open next to Playmobil.

  2. Cool, there's a new look at the Grinch and 2 banners of Hotel Transylvania 3 oh and Goosebumps 2 but that doesn't counts

    1. I saw both of those, but felt they weren't much to write about. Maybe in the next update I'll give them a mention.

  3. Love Spiderman logo, Pigeon impossible looks cool but I'm worried about Anubis cause I really wanted that movie, I think the new Amusement Park logo looks more childish than the other one, Hotel 3 doesn't brings anything new, I have already seen the Sherlock Gnomes one, Grinch looks cool too and couldn't care less about Peter rabbit

    Also it's strange there was no DreamWorks logos but their next movie doesn't comes out until 2019 so yeah

    1. No DreamWorks logos? I thought I saw a How to Train Your Dragon 3 poster behind the Grinch banner.

    2. With DreamWorks, I assume Universal won't roll out HTTYD3-related stuff just yet. Probably still figuring some things out, and working on a slate.

      As I said about 'Amusement Park,' it would've been cool if they did a graphic of a rollercoaster and integrated the title into that.

      If anything, I want to see something 'Early Man'-related.

    3. @ Ethan - Yeah, saw it... Hopefully someone snaps a better photo soon.

    4. @ Kyle - You know, the more I think about it, it's probably just a generic HTTYD franchise poster, but hey, you never know.

      Also, sorry for getting off topic, but did you hear about the untitled Sony Animation film that was just set for 7/24/2020?