Thursday, May 25, 2017

Keep Crying: DreamWorks Dates 'Boss Baby' Sequel

Well, DreamWorks made it even more clear... They're happy with how The Boss Baby did.

The film is the biggest non-sequel DreamWorks film at the worldwide box office since The Croods, which came out back in 2013. A sequel to The Croods was in active development before and during the Comcast acquisition of the company, but they put it on ice shortly after things were solidified. Even though Boss Baby won't make the $587 million that The Croods made, it's getting a sequel...

On March 26, 2021... According to Variety, the creative team will be back.

Is this all shocking? No. Again, Boss Baby turned out to be an unexpected little hit. DreamWorks has been seeing steady hits since Home, and funny thing is, box office pundits predicated all of those movies - sans Kung Fu Panda 3 for obvious reasons - would open poorly and end up flopping. Welp, Fox marketing did something right for once, but audiences seemed to dig those pictures, too. Trolls, I suspect, wouldn't have been viewed as a hit if it weren't for the merchandise... because it didn't really make that much of a profit at the box office.

Anyways, The Boss Baby 2 is happening. DreamWorks' slate now looks like this...

03/01/2019 - How To Train Your Dragon 3
09/27/2019 - Everest
04/10/2020 - Trolls 2
03/26/2021 - The Boss Baby

If the adaptation of Cressida Cowell's The Wizards of Once, which recently entered development, doesn't get slated for summer/fall 2020, then that'll be two DreamWorks sequels back to back. Actually, that's three sequels with one original - Everest - in-between. DreamWorks' game plan has been kind of murky as of late. There were rumors that they would whittle things down and just do one picture a year, but that apparently is not happening. (Plus, I was told by a DWA staffer that Everest is not an Oriental DreamWorks production anymore.)

So I guess two-a-year is still a thing. 2018 is empty because of Dragon 3's pushback and Larrikins' cancellation. Sometimes, things tend to move around, so maybe there's a chance either Dragon 3 or Everest could move up. Who knows. Still, I want to see some originals here and there, too.

Other than The Wizards of Once, DreamWorks had been developing Shadows, the newest iteration of their long-gestating "shadows living in their own world/having jobs" project. It was still on the docket when the Comcast acquisition was announced, though some word on the streets suggests that the Edgar Wright-directed film might end up being a live-action/CG hybrid. Shrek 5 is also on the table, its script was completed recently.

I'm sure DreamWorks' slate will be very different in the coming years, which is the usual for big studios' slates these days.

What say you on Boss Baby 2 and upcoming DreamWorks projects?


  1. Wait, Everest has a cast? Where did you read that?

  2. Man when I first heard about this I almost had a heart attack