Thursday, May 25, 2017

Nutty Action: New 'Nut Job 2' Trailer Thoughts

This one completely slipped right by me... We got a second trailer for The Nut Job 2 a week ago...

Surprisingly, it wasn't painful.

The first trailer for this sequel was also, oddly enough, not too hard to watch either. The Nut Job looked like something made a decade ago, a critter comedy (using that word loosely) relying on fart jokes and flat humor. This sequel looks kind of like a critter... Action movie. The trailer emphasizes the heck out of a tough-guy Jackie Chan-voiced rodent named Mr. Feng, who leads a street mouse gang.

It doesn't look horrible by any means, and there's not a single fart joke in the trailer, a surprising feat. But a lot of the jokes they're presenting here just don't land, but the animal action doesn't look half-bad. I'm also kind of bored of these stories that feature an eeeee-vil greedy land developer (or mayor or whatever) who is threatening the home of the animals. We saw that recently in Norm of the North and Bunyan & Babe. Also, am I alone on this? Or can these movies really go all out with a 50s aesthetic? With that and sharper writing, they'd make for good Looney Tunes-like comedies.

Well, maybe the movie will end up being fun. I know one of the writers said - I believe in a Q&A - that they wanted to make this movie better than the first one, and it looks it... But I don't think that's saying much, it looks generic to me. Maybe it'll surprise, or maybe it'll just be a come-and-goer.

What say you?

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  1. Speaking of sequels, did you hear about Boss Baby 2?