Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Oh Brother, Indeed: New 'Despicable Me' Trailer Debuts

Of course, another trailer for what is sure to become one of the summer's biggest films...

Despicable Me 3's marketing kind of took me by surprise at first. When the teaser came out, I was happy to see more focus on Gru, Lucy, and the new villain. Best of all, the Minions were only in it for like a few seconds...

But with each new trailer, Minions become more prominent, and the villainous Balthazar Bratt becomes less the focus. Also, Gru's twin brother is more front and center...

Overall okay-ish trailer, but I'm not sure if I'm going to like Gru's brother. Kind of obnoxious-sounding, if you ask me. That all said, the new tech is cool and cartoony as always (where these movies exceed), and it's neat to see Gru being a bad guy again.

Oddly enough, there was nothing concerning the evil minion that we've been seeing lately. One time, I jokingly said to a friend that Despicable Me 3 should be about the Minions becoming so big that they take over the world, and Gru has to stop them. Most of the scenes with the Minions here aren't funny, and there's plenty of forced "edgy" jokes... Yeah, call me nuts, but I think Illumination is pretty much the current equivalent of early-2000s DreamWorks now. We haven't gotten far past the days where we see cutesy animated characters doing mildly naughty stuff, just for that PG rating. That's only funny if you're 12.

Actually, come to think of it... A league of bad Minions... Yeah, this better not be a Despicable Me 2 situation where I remember the bad Minions more than the actual villain. Other than that, there's not much else to say. The movie itself could be as fun as the first movie was, or maybe it'll be a tossaway. I don't know.

What say you?


  1. The minion who shows his butt in the end wants to be raped at prison

    1. Makes me wonder if a Sausage Party-esque alternate ending exists.