Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Polar Opposites: 'Emoji Movie' and 'Breadwinner' Trailer Thoughts

Two trailers are here! One mainstream, one indie...

The mainstream one happens to be... The Emoji Movie... Ahhhhh, run!

Well, here it is. I chose to watch the international trailer for this thing because I was told it was the "better" version. Make what you will of that...

Ehhhh... Eh? Well, it doesn't look godawful, I will say that. Nice animation, nice colors, some cool little things here and there like the bots, but this trailer didn't leave much. I'm just against the idea in general. Even though it originated as a pitch that Igor director Tony Leondis came up with, it's still frustrating. It's obvious why it got picked up, especially by a studio that doesn't play nice with visionary directors. (As you can tell, I'm still bitter over Medusa, and Genndy being kicked off of Popeye, and the possibility of him not doing Can You Imagine? for them.)

All that aside, it just looks like a generic cartoon comedy romp. Not the worst thing ever, nowhere near Norm of the North levels of bad, but nothing special. (To my understanding, the American trailer has more of the poop emoji.) To me, things like this are just counterproductive in an animation field where not much is getting done.

That's not the case over in Europe... Which brings us to the just-released teaser for Cartoon Saloon's third feature-length animated film, Nora Twomey's The Breadwinner...

They've done it again...

On top of beautiful animation and a mix of different styles (really liking the folk art look they've used for some scenes), it looks like it has it all: Heart, compelling characters, darkness, rougher subject matter, intensity, the whole platter. All in a one-minute trailer. Certainly more ambitious than most of the stuff we're churning out now, it makes me wonder if this will be Cartoon Saloon's first animated feature for an adult audience. Their other two films were PG-rated, but they were not without depth and bite. Their work, I feel, is also characterized by good pacing. A respect for the audience young and old, instead of being so plot-driven and rush-rush-rush.

Anyways, in short, the new Cartoon Saloon film looks very promising while the very cynical Emoji Movie looks... Kinda there. It's quite the contrast, isn't it?

What say you?


  1. I'm so glad you aren't like the
    other people who are saying " it's a wreck it Ralph rip-off"

    1. If anything, I see movies like 'Wreck-It Ralph' as exercises in the "what if?" field of storytelling. (i.e. Roger Rabbit, Toy Story, Monsters, Inc.) 'Emoji Movie' is pretty much that, so some similarities are bound to appear.

    2. I love "What If?" Animated movies when they're done right