Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Quacking: Original Force's 'Duck Duck Goose' Locks Distributor and Release Date

Remember hearing about Original Force?

They're a Chinese animation and fx house that has been around since 1999, and almost two years ago they set up an American unit with the intention of creating feature-length animated films. One of the pictures in development was a comedy romp called Duck Duck Goose.

... Now it's a thing. It's about a goose who has to look after two orphan ducklings while he attempts to get back to his flock. Home producer Christopher Jenkins will write and direct, Rob Muir (who wrote one of the Tinker Bell movies, and worked on the infamous Disney Circle 7 version of Toy Story 3) will co-write. Here's a new poster...

Looks typical, but nice enough for a studio's first animated feature. And is it just me, or does the cat kind of look like Dragon from The Secret of NIMH?

The full cast has been revealed. Comedian Jim Gaffigan - no stranger to voice acting - voices Peng the goose, Zendaya and Lance Lim (from Nickelodeon's School of Rock TV series) will voice the ducklings. The rest of the cast... Greg Proops (he'll be voicing the Pallas cat), Natasha Leggero, Reggie Watts, Diedrich Bader, Jennifer Grey, Rick Overton, Craig Ferguson, Stephen Fry and Carl Reiner.

Open Road has penciled in a release date: April 20, 2018. Will they Spark this one? Or will it get a decent backing like The Nut Job did?

Two more animated films are on Open Road's docket, both of them should also be hitting in 2018. The first of which is Blazing Samurai, a dogs-and-cats samurai story inspired by Blazing Saddles. That was originally set for this coming August, but one of its production companies ran into trouble. Now it's just aimed for next year, no concrete date. The same goes for a film called Arctic Justice: Thunder Squad.

What say you?

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  1. What about the release date? It's one week after Sgt. Stubby, so somebody has to move.