Sunday, May 21, 2017

Still Fracturing: Trailer for 'Charming' Debuts

What is Charming, you may ask?

It's been in the works for a little while. It's yet another animated fairy tale that has a twist or two. It's a co-production between a couple of studios, one of them being the newly-launched Cinesite Animation, who may or may not bring Sergio Pablos' groundbreaking 2D/CG hybrid Klaus to the big screen. John H. Williams, a producer of Shrek who still hangs around in animationland, and his studio Vanguard are attached. Williams' other production company, 3QU, is involved as well...

The trailer is finally out...

That's... A thing...

I wasn't expecting much from the trailer, so I really didn't get much out of it. Honestly, it looks like what I thought it would look like: A direct-to-video level Shrek wannabe. Modern tone and attitude meets fairy tale times, a twist or two to the usual, celebrities doing the voices, and so on. Is it just me, or is Sia in a lot of animated things these days? Songs in Leap! and My Little Pony: The Movie, the credits song for Finding Dory, and apparently a kids animated TV show called Beat Bugs. From what I've heard, it's some "cute bugs sing Beatles songs" kind of thing. Anyways, yeah, Sia's doing a lot of animation-related work these days.

Okay, so it doesn't look half bad for an animated feature made for $20 million. It's certainly better-looking than Vanguard's Get Squirrely trainwreck from a few years back, but it still looks pretty direct-to-video movie to me. As for the content itself... I just don't know. It's inoffensive, it seems like it was made over ten years ago, and the cast seems like they're just phoning it in, it was just a lot of... Erm... Noise to me. Not as bad as what I saw of Vanguard's other Shrek-ian/fractured fairy tale Happily N'ever After, but... Yeah... Then again, like I tend to say, a trailer is a trailer. Maybe the movie itself will be a fun, if not throwaway Hoodwinked!-esque kind of movie.

No American distributor has locked this one yet, for any kind of release. I think it'll end up going the DTV route, like Bunyan and Babe did earlier this year. It is apparently getting theatrically released in Greece in July, and South Africa in August. Other countries tend to book these kinds of animated movies in theaters... I mean, for some reason, Get Squirrely was a top 10 box office grosser in Poland. Foodfight! was theatrically released in the UK. The CG'ed sequel to the Hungarian traditionally-animated classic Vuk was theatrically released... Yeah... It can happen.

What do you think?


  1. Massive, Hungarian kudos for mentioning Vuk! Not so much for mentioning that atrocity claiming to be the sequel :P