Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Usually Good: A Japanese Trailer for 'Cars 3' Surfaces

As expected, a really good Japanese trailer for Pixar's next has arrived...

If you're new to this kind of thing, here is the rundown...

Here in North America, trailers for animated family movies are very oddly edited. Packing so much material and information into a two-and-a-half minute running time is indeed an art in itself, but for me, a lot American trailers for these films underwhelm me. Even the ones for the usually good quality works of Walt Disney Animation Studios and Pixar. Most of the time it's ping-ponging, as I like to call it. Heavy emphasis on jokes and one-liners, but some sheds of the story as well. It's like "Stuff happens! JOKE! Stuff happens! JOKE!" It sometimes leaves me thinking... "What did I just watch?"

The Japanese trailers for these films are, by contrast, less jokey. They emphasize story and characters more than anything, while making room for some humor. The first Japanese trailer I had ever seen for a Pixar film was the first one they did for Cars, it was a night-and-day difference from the more racing-and-dialogue oriented trailer we had. Months later, I caught the Japanese trailer for Disney Animation's Meet The Robinsons, which got me waaaaay more interested in the movie than the uneven American trailer did.

The only problem? They tend to give away a little too much. You get some of the beats that happen that you don't see in any other trailer, and be cautious... There may be some in this teaser...

Interestingly enough, this trailer is half trailer, half music video. A lot of stretches just set to a song, and it looks like we'll be getting a sequence that's much like the 'Life is a Highway' sequence from the first movie. You know, to drive the point home, that this definitely won't be anything like Cars 2! There's also some Doc Hudson-related things here, too. In all it looks impressive, but I've felt that way ever since the teaser first came out. Cars 3's marketing campaign is decidedly different from other animated films, even Pixar's. The first teaser's tone shocked people, the extended looks were devoid of silliness and Mater antics, and the full trailer was also not an editing mess.

Perhaps this will be the Cars installment that almost everyone in the animation community and film world will take a liking to. The first Cars is divisive, Cars 2 has a small base of folks who liked it, Cars 3 could be a "good Pixar movie." But I don't have a crystal ball, all I know is, I'm big on the first one and didn't mind the second one, I may really like or love this one. I am interested to see what kind of reception it ends up getting. One early review of 50 minutes of footage essentially said "It's better than the first two, it's good, but still... The Cars universe makes no sense!"

What say you?

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