Sunday, May 7, 2017

Weekend Box Office: Galactic A-Holes and Animated Films Co-exist

With the big tentpole landing in the first weekend of May, did our animated films fall off the charts or hold their own?

The Boss Baby climbed up to #3, grossing $5 million, and falling a fantastic 34%. $156 million total, Home was at $158 million in its sixth week. This thing went from being far behind Home to right behind it. If it stays the course and grosses $175 million at the end of its domestic run, it will have made 3 1/2x its opening weekend gross. No DreamWorks animated movie has done that since... How To Train Your Dragon 2. Back in 2014.

Another stat that bears repeating... Worldwide, this is the highest grossing DreamWorks non-sequel since 2013's The Croods. It's up to $434 million right now, I didn't think it'd ever get that high! It seems like 20th Century Fox battened down the hatches with their last few DreamWorks movies. I wouldn't be surprised if Captain Underpants ends up breaking out like this. When the movie crossed $400 million, DreamWorks leader Chris DeFaria expressed enthusiasm, so I guess the verdict is... Success. If only this kind of gross had been rewarded to films like Rise of the Guardians.

Down in the 10th place is Smurfs: The Lost Village. Quickly shuffling out of sight, not the good-sized hits its live-action/hybrid predecessors were. Down 48% and up to $40 million domestically, the picture is doing a little better worldwide. At $171 million, it's close to tripling its budget. Again, Sony was smart with this one. I think movies like this and Storks are indicating that a new trend is coming... Some studios are finally realizing that not every animated picture is going to be this Frozen/Despicable Me/Pixar-sized tentpole that's going to pull $500 million+ out of a hat. So they're being conservative with budgets and aren't expecting huge results... This could, in turn, lead to some changes.

The Lego Batman Movie is down in the triple-digits in terms of theater-count, no real major change here. $174 million domestically and $310 million worldwide. Moana and Sing ended their runs, here and seemingly everywhere else. $641 million and $631 million respectively, close call!

On the indie circuit... Your Name. has made $4 million to date. In 21 theaters, the GKIDS-distributed My Entire High School Sinking Into the Sea has made $57k, The Red Turtle nears $1 million. One of these days...

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