Monday, May 22, 2017

Weekend Box Office Report: Animation Stays Steady Amidst Brawl

Blockbusters have currently taken over, given that we are nearing the end of May...

The Boss Baby is down 37%, and is in 8th place, up to $166 million, a little above where Home was in its eighth weekend. If it keeps it up, it'll land somewhere between $177-180 million. The biggest DreamWorks film domestically since The Croods, which came out four years ago. Worldwide, the thing might be coming up on How To Train Your Dragon's $494 million take. It now sits at $468 million, it's playing everywhere now, so we shall see where it ends up.

Smurfs: The Lost Village fell 54% and is in 14th place, the film is now up to $43 million. Its run should be coming to an end soon, should land around $45-47 million when all is said and done. Worldwide, it has made $183 million so far. It finally tripled its budget, but I think the little blue guys are done for in the world of theatrical films.

The Lego Batman Movie saw a 3.5% raise, but nothing's really different. $175 million here, $310 million everywhere. It's made over 3 1/2x its budget, so I'm sure Warner Bros. is more than happy. If they aren't, then I think that's foolish.

The Red Turtle still plays, but in 5 theaters. Saw a 139% raise, it's up to $920k. Foreign grosses haven't been anything special, either, even in its home country.

Not too long before Captain Underpants comes and reignites things a little bit. I think that's opening somewhere in the 30s, what say you?

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