Friday, June 9, 2017

DHS Preview of 'Cars 3' - Brief Review

I've never done this kind of thing on here before, but... Here it goes...

This is the first time I've caught a preview for an upcoming Disney release at Disney's Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World before the opening of the movie itself. To clarify... Last time I went to DHS, I caught the preview for Moana... But that was a few days after the movie was released. They were still running it, probably because Rogue One didn't have a preview reel assembled at the time. Anyways, I happened to be at Walt Disney World today and yesterday, and during my morning adventure through DHS, I decided to go through One Man's Dream and catch the preview for Cars 3...

The sneak peek had a lot of previously-seen footage, but it also had a chock-load of new stuff. Like the Moana preview, I was able to see a small portion of the movie itself... And mild spoilers if you want to go into this one blind. The scenes I saw, well if you know me well, I've always liked Pixar's totally uncool anthropomorphic autos. When hearing last year that Cars 3 would basically be like the first film, I was sold. With each trailer, I've gotten more and more excited for it. Prior to the campaign kick-off, my feeling was "I can take it or leave it."

Anyways, the near-full scene we got detailed the demolition derby you've seen in the latest trailers. It's a whole lot of fun, and the Ms. Fritter character - a rough-and-tumble school bus - is a standout. The set-up? Lightning and his young trainer Cruz Ramirez check out this particular track, not knowing it's actually a demolition track. They get locked in and have inadvertently become competitors in the brawl. Ms. Fritter is a teacher who doesn't mess around, either. She's the legendary queen of the circuit. She comes complete with saw-blade stop signs and fiery stacks! In scenes like this, the Cars series embraces its unabashedly cartoony tone and setting. Me? I like that.

Also, look for the Pizza Planet Truck in this sequence. I believe I saw it, but maybe I was seeing things. Still, eyes pealed!

We also got the full version of the racing simulator sequence, where Lightning McQueen practices. In the trailers, he screws that all up, the full unaltered scene is as funny as you'd expect. The derby came with a lot of great gags, too. Cars getting smashed and crashed, banged around. They milk it. The race scene that culminates in McQueen's crash was part of the reel, too... But I already saw that back in January when it was leaked from the International Auto Show. Still, it was great to see it in high quality on a big screen.

Mater only shows up twice... His two scenes combined are five seconds, and you've seen them in the trailers: The "ya'know what I would do?" part and him saying "Go McQueen!" during one of the races.

From those 10-15 minutes, and every other trailer, Cars 3 looks like another home run from Pixar. That being said, I highly doubt it'll sway those who never liked the Cars series to begin with. You know your mileage.

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