Monday, June 26, 2017

Putting Out the Fire: 'Blazing Samurai' On Hold

The outsider to the animation world may ask... "What is Blazing Samurai?"

An animated family film inspired by Mel Brooks' powerhouse 1974 comedy classic Blazing Saddles, Blazing Samurai was supposed to take the basic story structure of its inspiration and fill its Wild West setting with samurai cats and dogs, making for a kooky-sounding premise that seemed cool enough to work. It was supposed to be directed by Chris Bailey, who directed the excellent 1995 Mickey Mouse short Runaway Brain. Lion King director Rob Minkoff was supposed to produce, Ed Stone and Nate Hopper were handling the script.

Arc Productions (formerly Starz Animation) was involved alongside Mass Animation, Huayi Brothers, and Blazing Productions. With a full cast locked (with Brooks himself, who was set to executive produce), it was set for release in August of this year... That was, until Arc filed for bankruptcy, but it appears that Arc has been bought by a company called Jam Filled Entertainment, and from there they changed their name to Jam Filled Productions. So is Blazing Samurai back on?

After spending months with a vague "2018" date, Blazing Samurai's release date is now "TBD." To be determined. That black hole lots of movies don't come out of...

Still set to be released by Open Road Films, Blazing Samurai could either be experiencing a delay because of recent happenings or the project might be in the process of being ported over to another studio, which makes one wonder... How much of this film was even completed? Beyond the sumo cat render, who knows. Now apparently Arc/Jam settled all their problems after fall 2016, so where has this project been? In limbo? Dead? A future Foodfight!-esque abortion? (Knock on wood.)

Who knows, once more.

What say you?

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  1. I look forward to seeing that movie as soon as I know when it will be released.