Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Sparklin': Full Trailer for 'My Little Pony' Movie Debuts

Seven years after the launching of the franchise's current iteration, thirty-one years after the theatrical animated movie based on the first incarnation of the franchise, My Little Pony: The Movie is coming, and the new trailer is here...

Well, I will say... It's very pretty-looking. Some of the art direction showcased in this trailer was quite nice, beautiful even... and the animation doesn't seem too bad for an upscaling of a Flash show. It is also admittedly nice to see something coming to theaters that isn't a computer animated feature that's trying so hard to look just like real life. Yeah, animation that isn't an exact recreation of real life, novel concept!

Content-wise, it looks cute enough. I admittedly haven't seen too much of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, because I just... I'm gonna be honest, guys, I couldn't really get into it. That being said, I totally respect its fanbase and the love many adults have for it. I'm glad that something speaks to someone in some way, no matter what it is. Is the show mainly aimed at 6-year-old girls? Maybe, I don't really care, if folks love it and aren't harming anyone, what's the fuss? I extend that to pretty anything that will get you picked on in some way. I myself, however, never really got into it. Plenty of folk outside our circles, you guessed it, still don't get it.

Anyways, My Little Pony: The Movie looks like it could be a pleasant diversion, maybe it's much more, I don't know. I just find it kind of funny that it and the 1986 movie share the same exact name... My Little Pony: The Movie. Which one?

What say you on this trailer?


  1. I'm in pretty much the same boat as you, in that I never really got into the show, despite liking other similar shows (like the original Powerpuff Girls). Despite that, I think the trailer makes the movie look pretty enjoyable, and I'm going to try to see it in theaters, if only to support 2D animation on the big screen.

  2. As much as I'm glad it's going to be in 2D animation, but I don't think this will make Disney or other studios change their mind about 2d animation not being profitable, probably because it's too franchisey. The only way to make the hollywood studios to change their mind about 2d animation not making money is the story has to be original like Klaus. I'm not trying to be a debbie downer, I'm just trying to be honest. But I hope I was wrong. I wish that movie the best of luck.

    1. I don't think anyone really thought MLP was going to singlehandedly make studios change their minds about 2D.

    2. I know. I just have say it.

  3. I have a feeling this is going to perform like Shaun the Sheep and be one of those movies that came and went at the box office.