Thursday, June 29, 2017

Trying to Get Off the Ground: 'Leap!' Gets a New Trailer

Well here we are, still waiting for the altered version of an independent European animated feature, made possible by Harvey Weinstein.

Leap!, for those who are not in the know, is an alternate version of a French animated film called Ballerina, which debuted this past Christmas to decent critical reception and fair box office. While it is a French film, an English dub was made at the time, and was only released overseas. The Weinstein Company then picked it up for an American theatrical release, and at first they surprised us, it seemed like they were going to give us the first English dub of the movie.

Then the delays started happening, and soon we realized... Weinstein was going to yet again work his dark magic, to take this French flick and "tool" it for us Americans. Dane DeHaan, who voices the boy, was replaced by Natt Wolff. Mel Brooks was inexplicably added to the cast as well, and his character got some spotlight in the previous American trailer for this movie. Kate McKinnon replaces three voice actors from the first dub. It appears that we're still getting this, as evidenced by the new trailer that came out today...

Definitely a much better trailer than the last one, it doesn't look terrible per se, but would it have killed our friend Scissorhands to just release the dub that was released in the UK? The Argentinian animated feature Metegol was given this treatment by the guy, and was delayed nonstop till it just went straight to video. I wouldn't be surprised if Leap! shares the same fate. He seems to miss the memo... Celeb voices don't always sell animated films, and really, I doubt they ever do except in some special cases.

Anyways, what do you think of the trailer?

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